Seventeen Days

17Is how long I’ve lasted before the return itch started bugging me. I want to shoot people in the face™ damnit! I’m craving the fast paced, PvP challenge and triumph. I want to run around and never know that I’m safe. I want to jump into a sea of chaos and come out on top or face down in the dirt.


But I know I’ll still be frustrated right now if I return immediately, 1.3.2 hasn’t dropped yet, and I haven’t really heard a full sounding on what the changes for the SW have been like and how they have played out. I could always reactivate my BG account instead and just go leveling… No. I’m going to do my damndest to hold out for another month, but don’t be surprised if I cave after this current subscription cycle is over and can’t hold out for another. At my core, I’m a lover of PvP, PvE just doesn’t have a good draw on me. I don’t care if I can beat some scripted event with a group of other players, real people create real challenges and surprises.