Much a’Do…

FTCOn the governments part that is. By now, you’ve probably read about the recent FTC announcment in regards to bloggers and how swag is compensation. You’ve probably already browsed through some initial reactions. One blogger even did some investigative type follow-up research (essentially, I just consolidated all the various links from a couple blogs into one handy spot for you).

Essentially, the FTC is up in arms and concern over bloggers, yes, people like me who write, blather, and verbally fumble around in the dark massiveness that is the internet, might be enticing consumers to products with secret agendas and illicit gains. Yes, free swag, also known as review copies, is causing the diabolical geniuses of the blog’o’sphere (God, I hate that phrase) to use our amateur skills to dupe the benign masses into a purchase.

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