Ear to the Ground

dog ear to groundI’m back from my weekend of work. It ended early on Saturday, and I got home late afternoon of the same day. Luckily, my beloved iPhone kept me in constant contact with the internet and most of the various blogs and gaming sites out there, and my increasingly appreciated Twitter. So, even if I wasn’t in communication with the internet, I was keeping tabs on what was going on.

The last week or so has been overall, pretty busy. Champions has thrown up their Bloodmoon plans on the their website, after a month of being released, as well as a handy recap of said month. There’s a lot of good coming from the game, but overall the game has taken a place (expectedly) of casual gaming fun. It’s not by any means a game I can jump on, and pound away at for a whole Saturday. The combat is still incredibly fun, and they’re working on adding more content to do at the end game, helping to smooth out the leveling gaps, and the performance has improved for me. It’s just not a deep game by any stretch. I’ve been grabbed by alt-fever, and am torn between which I want to play. I’ll talk about the various options at some later date, this post is just to be a quick time-stamp of recent events in my gaming life.

Everquest 2 has pulled out to be the main beast that I put my MMO time into. I’m a hair’s breadth from level 80, and am doing the solo-quest route to near completion, and need less than a dozen loams to finish getting expert-quality in all my skills. I’ve met up with an old guildie of mine who runs an alt-raiding guild, and he’s taken me in while I level, and will help me gear up and start tanking some raids soon. A new expansions has been announced for the game, but I’ve not really gone looking for any concrete information, just enjoying what I have before me in the current place.

WAR dropped patch 1.3.2on the test server, and it’s had some interesting news to it. Fortresses have been completely removed from the campaign equation. A new user experience has been delivered, apprenticeship (level matching), and as usual, performance tuning. Most notably of all to me, is the removal of stun affects, and replaced with either knockdown or stagger. C&C-wise, of the classes that interest me, nothing is robust, or drastic enough to entice me back. Blackguard gain their version of oath friend, and Shadow Warriors get their version of Quick Shootin’. Skirmish becomes less viable (even more-so) and scout becomes stronger. I had been running as a hybrid of Scout/Skirmish for a while anyway, so this would probably help me out even more, and it was one step in the list of ones I think needed to be implemented to bring the class where it needs to be. However, multiple steps back were taken, particularly in the reduction of the potency of the single-target CC available, which was the classes strongest feature. More than before, the class needs to be brought more in line in terms of pure damage that the other DPS classes can put out to level the playing field. Oh, and they announced their next live event, Daemon Moon Rising. If nothing else, Mythic works hard and keeps busy. Probably one of their best attributes.

Aion has released, and I’m still not enticed there by any means, and have already seen posts from people on WHA boards talking about leaving the game.

Fallen Earthreleased as well, and if my gaming funds weren’t so low, I’d be trying this out. It’s a post-apocaltypic sandbox game with crafting and PvP goodness. My interest is so powerfully piqued, it’s not even funny. I blame Werit, and Syp to a lesser degree.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been reading about mostly for the last week or so. Champions, WAR, FE, and EQ2. All in-between my ear to the ground of the political forum, particularly the Health Care debate, now THAT has been a truly awesome arena to watch of late.

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5 Responses to Ear to the Ground

  1. theerivs says:

    Yeah Werit and Syp, if it wasn’t for them Fallen Earth wouldn’t even be on my map.

  2. Rer says:

    How can you forget Ziss and Wrewdinge from Lagwar? They love Fallen Earth! 😀

  3. Werit says:

    Glad I can further your MMO addiction 🙂

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