European Colleagues

In case you weren’t paying attention, this last weekend, Games Workshop held their Gamesday event in the UK. Those WAR fans out there should take special note of this, because Andy Belford flew over there to take part in the event and to reveal gobs of information to the fans, and our great Euro Bloggers were there to get all the information.

  • Start with WarAura, which has an amazing write-up conglomeration of a mass of info.
  • Then head to Bruglir’s Blog, who has a similar write-up, with his own twist.
  • Later on, head to Bootae’s Bloody Blog, who supposedly will have something up, eventually. Until then, check out his pretty pictures!
  • The Price of Wargh! already has some commentary and responses to the news. Find out why he is underwhelmed.
  • Werit, in his typical freakishly-early morning post schedule, talks briefly about the Skaven.
  • Skar gives Mythic props for their willingness to change things, but is dubious about the direction micro-transactions may take WAR.

It’s early still, and I expect a lot more to come from the WAR blog community as well as maybe a few chirps here and there from those who pay attention to MMOs in general. Oh, wait, you want MY commentary and thoughts on all these announced changes so far? Well, golly gee-wilikers, follow the jump, and you may just get it.

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GamesCom – Friday

My WAAAGH! face.

You can go chat with them right now. Hopefully you can get it to work, so far, all I can do is read the action.

Edit: Over already. Far too quick, and technical difficulties robbed us of precious time. Such is life.

That said, what we got from it is the following:

  • New armor sets above sovereign.
  • New RvR zone available even if you don’t buy the pack (will be incorporated into campaign)
  • Powergap is recognized and will be kept in mind going forward.
  • The method of making the lower RR easier will probably be through bonuses.
  • Removal of the VP system (thank GOD!)
  • RA system (Realm abilities from DAoC)
  • Concept art of underground tunnels

Beyond that, not much was said, pertaining to WAR. The internet is a fickle mistress, and is best treated gently. I’ll be continuing updates as more information comes out.

Edit: Woot! Pack will be here before Christmas.

Edit: Nobwaart has a great compilation of questions asked during the live chat, and a big thanks to Werit for pointing out this post at War-Welten.

For a bit of commentary, I really think that Skaven as a playable race is going to be possible. It won’t be done in the normal way, and I’m currently leaning towards something akin to monster play from LotRO. The underground tunnels will probably run parrallel to the Empire zones (at least) and be the warrens where the Skaven have made their home. I hope that they will be able to come out of those zones and wreck havoc on everyone around, maybe with cache’s of warpstone deposits in the lakes as incentive that can be used to power up some way. There are a lot of really interesting possibilities with Skaven as a third realm, and it can be implemented in a couple ways. Should be fun.

Edit: Final blurb of the day for me.

We have a video of Andy and Carrie talking about the upcoming RvR pack. Lots of good little tidbits in there, as well as Carrie being just a silly goose. Me thinks foreign countries, sleep, and the hustle and bustle has gone to the heads of our intrepid producer and community manager.

Also, as I’m sure you are all aware, this weekend is Gamesday Baltimore. You should be aware, because I told you about it. PAY ATTENTION! Good. More info will be coming out this weekend, and we have more bloggers doing more interviews of more people about more stuff. MORE. Anyway, everyone in Baltimore have fun. I’ll be soaking up double renown as much as I can, when I’m not tethered to my daughter and wife.


Chill out!

We don’t really know anything yet.

Jesus Christ Almighty, a 237-word blurb about hints of what’s to come is throwing people into a tizzy. Chill out, and wait for all the news before getting those ropes and stakes ready.

Two New

I’ve been doing a bit of housekeeping on the ol’ blog-roll of late. Said goodbye to a lot of inactives, but I’ve also been trying to keep up with the slew or recent bloggers, and some that may have fallen between the cracks.

So, as a highlight, I wanted to link two for you.

The one I missed: Artiee Punts 

There is something just eternally satisfying about sending players flying through the air in a direction completely opposite to their intended goal. Plus he has a beard, so that’s a plus.

A new one: The Price of Wargh!

Another interesting premise for a blog. From time to time, Vizo is going to be looking at the monetization of playing WAR and the hobby in general, as well as just general commentary and information as it pertains to WAR. Should be an interesting place to keep an eye on.

Ninja Leglolas in 1.3.6

It’s alway been surprising to me that the shadow warrior class didn’t have a bigger following given it’s immediate visual references to popular pop-internet-culture memes. Namely, the fantasy fan-boi hardon for the theatrical adaptation of Legolas, and the ever popular Ninja. The appearance of the class is a clever blend of bows, swords, and masks that make the career appear to be a deadly assassin and get the adolescent juices of every young boy firing in over drive faster than Angelina Jolie in Gia. I think it’s always been a bit of a testament to the lackluster state of the career that it remained near the bottom of the barrel of population despite its immediate “pick me!” appearance. Maybe this is why almost everyone you know has a Shadow Warrior alt left languishing in tier 2 or 3, but never seemed to take it any further.

However, there are a lot of things coming with the new patch that I believe are culminating in a very substantial step towards the class being competitive. Maybe not desired, or a first choice, but competitive, and I mean this for both single target assist trains and bomb groups. The class is seeing an overall slight boots in damage thanks to the recent change of including the melee weapon into the calculation for ability damage. With a 70.0 DPS sword, Shadow Warriors will see about a +36 DPS universal to all physical attacks (sorry, not for you Festerbomb). This, in it’s own right, isn’t a game changer, but it’s a rectifier for a long-inequitable situation. It’s also one of the many small changes we’re seeing.

The class is also waving adieu to minimum ranges, the damage increasing tactic is being lowered BUT the situationaly negative aspect is being removed, a range increaser for the mid-range attacks, and a tactic that gives a situational cast-time increaser. The career is becoming more dynamic and varied in its play. I can easily switch between short and long range without seeing a detriment to any of them. I can apply all my debuffs when that Choppa is standing right on top of me, and I can hit you with my fast, low-damage mobile attacks from 100′ away. The play of the class is being opened up to actually play more in line with its intent, of being effective at multiple ranges.

That said,  I think the career is still going to lack the consistent killing power/utility that lets the other RDPS’s (Sorc, BW, SH) be so deadly. In future iterations of the game, I hope to have the lethality of the class placed somewhere other than a once-a-minute trick pony.

August needs to conclude

It’s only the beginning of the month, and already, I want it to be over. Between all the changes coming with 1.3.6 and all the other things being discussed, I’ve got a head full of changes and not a lot of pay-off as of yet. I’m seeing potential new things that I really like (and want to talk about, but can’t), and more importantly, I want to play those things. On top of that, we have all the teasing and the hints, and the clues, and the innuendo about a big announcement going on with Warhammer this month in Baltimore and Cologne, that I’ve reached a saturation point. I’m becoming ambivalent towards anything new. I’m staying off twitter because I’m just in overload.

I want to stay on edge, but the constant stress has made me dull. I talked about the possibility of it happening in an earlier post, and it may be that the level of interest I’ve put into the game has caused it too happen sooner than normal, or perhaps I just want it too much. I think good things are coming, and soon, (weeks) for the game, and that a firestorm will come out of there. However, right now, at this moment, my drive is tiny. The game has its two-year anniversary coming up in 6 short weeks, and I would be avoiding the truth if I didn’t say that was a critical date that will draw a lot of attention. It will be a great launching point for something to go along with whatever it is they announce this month, or it will be a date of complaint for people outside to point to as proof of failure. That second group is probably going to do so either way.

Eh, maybe I just feel like things take too long to happen in the game industry. It feels like some things are able to happen lightning fast, but others require an act of Congress to get through. I just know that where before, I was eager, and excited, I’m now somewhat indifferent. I want to be excited again, but without something concrete, I can’t bring myself to be. As much as 1.3.6 is a great update, and will do a lot for the game, it’s rehashing and refining what I have been doing for the past 23 months.

How are you feeling? Have the hints you’ve heard been teasing you for too long? Are you still kindling that fiery inferno of passion for updates and information? Has your interest waned and you just take each day as it comes?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I hope so, otherwise, this multi-day sickness of the lungs I’ve had may have been for naught. I’m back, mostly healthy. I’m only spitting up small chunks of phlegmy chunks of yellowish-green mucous. Mmmm…visuals. So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting, that’s why. I’ve been playing some, sleeping a lot, and the energy to be creative and insightful was about as hard to get a firm grip on as the whole inhale/exhale thing was for the time period. But nevermind me, and the boring “who-gives-a-flying-fuck” details of my life, let’s talk about WAR.

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Short Sighted – Short Term, what’s the difference?

Well, Mythic released “short term solutions” for the city siege. They do qualify the statements and ideas with them being only “short-term” solutions, but I think they still fail to properly address the issues people are having. Obviously, I have no idea what the long-term plans are, but these solutions don’t seem to be fully thought out. I really do appreciate them trying to improve the encounter and increase the fun, but these changes don’t really seem like they are addressing the main issues people are having. I would have rather they took a little more time to address the main concerns and issues that people are talking about on the forums and in-game.

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Ear to the Ground

dog ear to groundI’m back from my weekend of work. It ended early on Saturday, and I got home late afternoon of the same day. Luckily, my beloved iPhone kept me in constant contact with the internet and most of the various blogs and gaming sites out there, and my increasingly appreciated Twitter. So, even if I wasn’t in communication with the internet, I was keeping tabs on what was going on.

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Long Weekend

EQ2 - 77 MC Plate ArmorSo, I had Friday and Today off from work. Sadly, I didn’t get to just lounge away my days, playing video games. No, I actually had to do stuff. Friday, my wife and I went to this huge, high-end, used-baby-stuff sale. High-chairs, swings, strollers, changing tables, all that crap, and all held to a strict quality control for second-hand stuff. When we walked into the building, I was the only drop of testosterone in a sea of estrogen. I felt incredibly out-of-place. Eventually though, the baby-buying extravaganza ended. We walked out with some great deals (got this Baby-Einstein play-walker-thing for half of new, and it still had the tags on it and the instruction manual), but it still wasn’t what I had hoped to do with my day off.

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