Against all Appearances

Patch day – Waaagh!

Full patch notes.

While I’m at work I’m sure all of you crazy people with differing schedules will be frustratedly pacing back and forth for the servers to come back up so you can get your havoc on. If you’ve been reading this site, and paying attention to the abundance of communication from our Mythic Pig Dog Overlords, as they like to call themselves, you should know basically everything that is coming. From item appearance to against all odds, there are articles and forum posts about anything you could have any question about.

As for what’s in the notes, feel free to read through them yourself, but nothing really stands out that was different from earlier preliminary copies of the notes that I saw, with one exception. Most likely, it’s because I skimmed over it somehow, but either way, new to me:

The way that abilities/procs behave when applied to items has changed. These abilities will now scale based on the item level of the item or set instead of the level of the player. An issue was also fixed that caused many tooltips to display incorrect values. As a result, many of the procs in the game could have different values on them.

Pretty slick. What I’m thinking this means, is that there will no longer be things like “Corrosion VIII” and “Corrosion IX”, instead it will be only “Corrosion” and the value based on the item level. The immediate effect shouldn’t be too drastic outside of the few Witch Elves who used the two purple-bag daggers with same-name-but-different-numbered-proc daggers. If you look back over the last few patches you’ll see a greater focus on item levels, and that being used as another barometer of power or as a type of “upper limit” ceiling. I think Items Guy (Sean Bosshardt for the layman) is really doing a good job in terms of limiting power to specific ranges, while at the same time providing options.

Either way, read the notes, and have fun playing while I’m stuck in my work-hole.

Oh, and a tidbit of interesting potential gossip, can be found at the end of this interview with the guys at BioWare.

The doctors say there’s plenty going on at BioWare, including new products at Mythic, as well as plenty of other projects under wraps.

Thanks to Rank-n-vile for the tweet link!

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One Response to Against all Appearances

  1. RanknVile says:

    Woot. I know…when I found that interview…I was like…uh, hello “wording” there.

    **Products**. Yum.

    What a way to send off today as well. Did a city siege 30 minutes before shutdown today…and we won.

    Excited about todays changes.


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