Of Esquires and Knights

He's the dark "Knight". Get it? GET IT?

Christina Hendricks is the sexiest woman alive (just a neat Q&A article she did, and I think I love her more now).

And that means my site meter blew the fuck up again. You put up on picture of a woman who you thought was (relatively) low on the media radar, and then your ability to judge viewership goes to pot. It’s really annoying.

In other news, I’m going to pull back on my Knight’s playtime some. He’s 71 n0w, has full warlord, and 40-some royal crests, and been the recipient of a few pieces of Sovereign gear. I definitely want to finish getting him to 80, but I can put that on hold a bit and be content. The reason is more than just not having a lot of progression to look forward to, it’s more that my guild just seems to be a bunch of PvE whores of late. I can’t seem to log on without the majority of players running ToVL or (I shit you not) Bastion Stair. I think the Stair run was to try to get seeds and some of those weapons for alts, but still, fucking Bastion Stair.

I logged on Monday night around 6:00 pm to see what everyone was doing, ToVL apparently. So I logged off to do other things and preserve playtime for later in the evening, so we could actually do RvR. 9 pm rolls around, and I log in, I don’t log on vent like usual, and ask in guild what’s going on, if they are all done with their PvE and am met with silence. Now, I’m all a big proponent for being in vent, but lately, our vent has been a ghost land because people are segregated off in different channels doing their thing (frequently PvE!). I’m not going to log on vent without at least checking in-game if anyone is even on or doing something. I’m just not. I’d rather crank the tunes, and listen to that rather than pay attention for a chime announcing a vent arrival.

So, I’m faced with playing the solo-queue scenario time for the evening. Again. I love scenarios, but doing them solo all the time is getting real fucking old, real fucking fast. I’m over it. I can do it on my Knight, but then I’m supporting a bunch of players who probably can’t take advantage of what I’m brining, or I can play my Shadow Warrior, and not get any support. It’s Sophie’s Choice and I don’t fucking have to make it. As much as I want to get my SW to at LEAST RR70, I have zero desire to do it solo.

So I’m going to cool my heels for a bit on my Order characters, particularly my Knight. I’ll come back in a week or so, and see how things are going. In the interim, I’ll be playing BC2, DA:O, my Blackguard, and my WE for “ze project!” (video #2 this weekend hopefully).


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