An Apology

Jeff Hickman has released a letter of apology for the billing event.

I’m sure people everywhere will be angry that there wasn’t any more info released about how it was caused EXACTLY, or who their vendor was, etc., etc… But I think at this point, nothing they could have done would have satisfied that contingent of those affected.

On a completely selfish note, he mentions players will get to choose from a couple of VERY nice options to help maintain trust and faith in the company. I’m wondering if he meant all players or only those affected. From a legal standpoint, I can’t imagine he meant only those affected, as it could lead to issues of admitting guilt or some other slew of legal mumbo-jumbo. Additionally, they probably want to shore up as much good-will across all players as possible. Even people not affected by this could have easily taken a blow to their confidence in the company.

A part of me only wants those affected to receive it though, as they are the ones who really experienced a hardship, while the rest of us were spectators. That reason alone was why I didn’t really talk about it. It would be like someone sitting in the stands to grab the microphone from an announcer to start giving a play-by-play. Inappropriate and unwanted. Anyway, I hope everyone and anyone affected has had all their issues resolved and are in a good place now.


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11 Responses to An Apology

  1. Scarybooster says:

    I would Comment on the rewards but I am like you, I was not affected. I will have to see what the other bloggers have to say about it.

  2. pitrelli says:

    Just read it and I must say I’m very Very VERY impressed with the rewards/compensation offered.

    I was critical of Mythic when the story broke about the account fiasco but kudos to them for not only extending an olive branch…… its a whole friggin tree 😉

  3. Rer says:

    Yet another reason to consider re-upping. *Scratches beard*

  4. Erbse says:

    I’ll have to agree with the sentiment that most likely everyone will get the option of being compensated, whether directly hit or not.

    On the other side, you didn’t have to be hit in order to lose faith into the company, simply seeing it happen is bad enough already, which is *likely* to be the reason every players gets their dibs at the phat make up lewtz.

    Another argumentation would be, ‘wish they overcharged me so I could get these things’, as ultimately ‘nothing’ happened since people were refunded and are back to where they were at.

    We’ll have to see, needless to say that I’m mighty impressed by what they offer as compensation.

  5. pitrelli says:

    I think what you could cover in the future is what they have done to potentially turn a very bad situation into potentialy a nice shot in the arm ie good PR should and will bring back players. Even on twitter I see people interested.

    Using stuff like x-fire or something similar could give a really rough idea of returning players ? just a thought.

  6. skarbd says:

    I would have like to have seen this is a little bit sooner, but nevertheless it was the right thing to do. Mythic have to be proactive about this and they have done so. I am sure for some people it will never be enough, but there is some nice booty in there.

    Personally the manitcore mount would be nice.

  7. theerivs says:

    I can’t read it until I get home 😦 All I want is 30 levels of renown 🙂

    • shadowwar says:

      Won’t happen.

      What will happen is +100% EXP/Renown for EVERYONE.

      Those who got erroneous billings will be getting two tokens to choose some items on their characters.

      The items included (but are not limited to):

      Bottomless Chaos Black Dye
      Bottomless Skull White Dye
      The Manticore/Griffon Mount

  8. Perle says:

    Mythic picked the best option for them to apologize — virtual items that cost no actual money to create that were going to go in the game anyway or were already in the game.

  9. Rienuaa says:

    I have the entire informative email on tap, copy-pasted directly from my email.


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