Fucking Stupid

“Drag bubbles”

I was making a trip to hi-sec to work on some faction for Minmitar. I’m sure to encounter gate camps, so I’m very careful in my travel, and I was flying a fast frigate to make sure I can get out of any bubbles that might be in the way. So, about two-thirds through, I encounter a gate with three bubbles around it, warp away to a planet PAST the gate and bubble so that it’s not in my way on the turn around.

Well, low and behold, it turns out that if a bubble would be in your vector, whether PAST your destination or before, it pulls you into it anyway. So, never mind that the target I was shooting for was 25km behind the bubble itself, I still got pulled into it, and then summarily killed.  Shit like that pisses me off, I’m told about a mechanic, told how it works, and then find out to my own detriment that there are other little extra rules that I knew nothing about. I could care less about losing the frigate, but the time for travel and the bullshit logic behind it doesn’t even work as far as the description goes. Is there a limit to the range of the drag bubble? Fuck, infinite vectors shouldn’t be possible, it would fuck EVERYTHING up.

Bah, terribad fucking way to end a weekend. I went and played LoL instead, at least that shit doesn’t come up with a new rule every week to surprise you.

Directing Frustration

For whatever reason, for the last few months, I’ve had this concept bouncing around in my skull, and I’ve started to put it up here a couple of times, but have yet to follow through until now. As a person matures with any endeavor they tend to think about things beyond their immediate perceptions and understanding. A long-term view starts to be adapted as the fullness of involvement starts to be realized. For myself, part of that is acknowledging personal past behavior, comparing it to others, and analyzing those actions. Part of advancement in anything is reflection and analysis, and opinions should be shining examples of this. I say this because, like I said, I’ve had a thought/nagging/what-have-you bouncing around in my skull for a while, and it just won’t go away. That thought is simple:

Do we, as players, mis-direct our frustrations towards people who are undeserving of it?

I think the simple answer to the question is “yes” (the converse question of directing our praise to those deserving is a valuable question as well, though, of probable less importance given the disparity between the projected emotional spectrums). Any romp through most MMO forum’s will see a majority of people expressing frustration. Those people more deeply embedded in the social structure of the community will probably have a greater insight to the workings of their game of choice. In-as-much as they will likely know the names of some of the designers or the forum handles of the “devs” that interact with them on the message board. That “insight” isn’t as great as some of us would like to believe (I believe). This perceived greater insight lends itself to a higher sense of involvement, and emotional attachment to a product, which can be a very nasty two-edged sword.


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LoL is still amazing.

EQ2 has me gripped tightly. WTF happened to Freeport?

Wipeout is the best damn racing franchise of all time, supported by stellar music. You don’t think so? You’re wrong.

Work IT is on a rampage, all posts for near future will be done either from my phone, or the rare preplaned one from home. Do not expect the latter.

My vacation is getting close. Feeling senioritis in the work place.

Dogs can be a pain in the ass.

Virtual worlds need greater prominence in the MMO genre.

I have a taste of highly connected digital life with my Android at times, and it leaves me craving more.

Linking and image posting with this WordPress app is more trouble than its worth.

Random picture of daughter attached (but not placed!) for cuteness factor.

Pick it, and stick with it

A naming convention for blog tags that is!


Not so rock steady

If you’ll think back to way back when (or just follow this link), you’ll recall that I recently had some technical work done on my DSL like to improve stability. Shortly after, I got a new video card to reduce the awful noise coming from my tower. With the two big issues resolved, I settled into a happy routine – for about a week. After that blissful time period, performance degradation started to be apparent. Not of my video card, but in my internet connection.

Typically, I’m a very easy-going guy, and the type of customer that most companies probably want. I try to fix things as much as possible by myself, and if I am unable to do so, I’ll usually put off calling for a while. I’m sure this procrastination is a result of any companies carefully crafted plan of making customer service/tech support as bothersome, repetitive, and completely unhelpful as possible. Every call is a painful rehashing of the previous conversation, often with someone who speaks a different native tongue from you. The experience is worse in technical support, because each step/layer you get accelerated to, they try to walk you through the exact same “solution” procedures as the previous representative.

So, after going through every step that my understanding could handle, I dithered for a few weeks, dreading the eventual vocal battle of congeniality I was soon to have with AT&T. Yesterday though, I did it, I grit my teeth, and picked up the phone, and dialed the number. It was almost every bit as hellish of an experience as I thought, with one silver lining: the representative sounded like a native speaker. I still had to repeat everything to him, and go over the entire situation as I had to before, I was able to stop him from trying to convince me that I should power-cycle my modem  – further interrupting my service to fix interruptions isn’t a solution if it’s not a permanent fix. The good news after the whole ordeal, is that he was able to see that there were faults, or errors further up the line that are causing my disconnects, and that they would send out ANOTHER tech to try to fix it. Yes, Saturday works.

Shit, Saturday doesn’t work, and then I had to call them back for a reschedule and go through the whole process again…

Frustration Solution

What do you do when you’ve had a particularly frustrating play session in a game? Whether it’s a raid where no one seems to be able to coordinate and do their jobs, a dungeon run where players keep going AFK or disconnecting, a series of scenarios where you’re finding yourself without even a lick of heals the entire time, or a night of play filled with bugs and strange anomalous behavior. When you find yourself becoming exceptionally annoyed at your game of choice for the evening, how do you resolve your situation?

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This is only a test

I repeate this is only test. Do not be alarmed. Poor writing and commentary will return shortly.

Video Frustrations

I finished rendering my video for my Witch Elf yesterday morning. Last night, I queued up YouTube to upload the 6 and a-half minute video. The file size is only 1.09 GB, but for some reason, YouTube converts that to 1.9 GB. Either way, I wake up this morning, happy to see that the video is done, but damn you YouTube, you rejected my audio! My audio is part me talking and part a song. A song that I ripped from a CD I own. I hate you for being a retarded service. I understand you’re protecting your own ass, but this kind of crap is an annoyance.

So yeah, I’m looking for a video host that’s not YouTube where I don’t have to deal with this crap. Free is preferable. Vimeo will not work, 500 MB per week is far too little.

Of Esquires and Knights

He's the dark "Knight". Get it? GET IT?

Christina Hendricks is the sexiest woman alive (just a neat Q&A article she did, and I think I love her more now).

And that means my site meter blew the fuck up again. You put up on picture of a woman who you thought was (relatively) low on the media radar, and then your ability to judge viewership goes to pot. It’s really annoying.

In other news, I’m going to pull back on my Knight’s playtime some. He’s 71 n0w, has full warlord, and 40-some royal crests, and been the recipient of a few pieces of Sovereign gear. I definitely want to finish getting him to 80, but I can put that on hold a bit and be content. The reason is more than just not having a lot of progression to look forward to, it’s more that my guild just seems to be a bunch of PvE whores of late. I can’t seem to log on without the majority of players running ToVL or (I shit you not) Bastion Stair. I think the Stair run was to try to get seeds and some of those weapons for alts, but still, fucking Bastion Stair.

I logged on Monday night around 6:00 pm to see what everyone was doing, ToVL apparently. So I logged off to do other things and preserve playtime for later in the evening, so we could actually do RvR. 9 pm rolls around, and I log in, I don’t log on vent like usual, and ask in guild what’s going on, if they are all done with their PvE and am met with silence. Now, I’m all a big proponent for being in vent, but lately, our vent has been a ghost land because people are segregated off in different channels doing their thing (frequently PvE!). I’m not going to log on vent without at least checking in-game if anyone is even on or doing something. I’m just not. I’d rather crank the tunes, and listen to that rather than pay attention for a chime announcing a vent arrival.

So, I’m faced with playing the solo-queue scenario time for the evening. Again. I love scenarios, but doing them solo all the time is getting real fucking old, real fucking fast. I’m over it. I can do it on my Knight, but then I’m supporting a bunch of players who probably can’t take advantage of what I’m brining, or I can play my Shadow Warrior, and not get any support. It’s Sophie’s Choice and I don’t fucking have to make it. As much as I want to get my SW to at LEAST RR70, I have zero desire to do it solo.

So I’m going to cool my heels for a bit on my Order characters, particularly my Knight. I’ll come back in a week or so, and see how things are going. In the interim, I’ll be playing BC2, DA:O, my Blackguard, and my WE for “ze project!” (video #2 this weekend hopefully).


I’ve been trying for days now to upload properly my video of Munitions character from CO. It seems I’m rather unlucky in that I have a monitor that is 5 years old now, and most definitely not a widescreen. I run at 1280×1024, which seems to be an “odd” ratio in terms of video. For whatever reason, the video I’m trying to make with Windows Movie Maker keeps ending up squished from the sides whenever I render it into an HD format, as if it’s trying to make it widescreen by default, and there are no settings to change it in WMM. The actual recorded bits end up narrow and elongated, looking like crap. I don’t know what I’m doing different now from before, but it’s a slow process of render, then upload to youtube to see if it looks right. If I can’t get it to work, I’ll see if I can get a good compression with Sony Vegas. Vegas is a far more powerful program, and I adore the editing portion of the software, but the rendering aspects I have almost zero skill in.

Oh, and here’s a screencap of the one costume request I got 😉

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