King Tutt would be proud


Here is an update on the Warhammer glyph-ridden Land of the Dead blogger event. Keen and Graev have recieved skull parts with the latest piece of the puzzle, and Kotaku and have received a cartouche each.

So far, I’m saying that respectively, they answers to the two are:

X E M _ N _ O B E K

D J H _  D T U M N _


The red are guesses, as the glyph presented on the skulls is different in a minor way than a similar one sent to the various bloggers. In the blogger-received one, the two interior lines are perpendicular to each other, and the horizontal line rests on a tangential point to the lower curve. Whereas the glyph on the skull has interior lines that are emanate more from the radius of the curves and don’t appear to intersect. It’s a somewhat minor difference, but I feel it is significant enough to hold off on claiming certainty in the matter just yet.

Here is another updated listing of the glyphs sent out so far. I’m actually keeping track of this now on good stock paper in a ringed sketchpad, so I’ll be making updates as they come in.

Edit: Updated with info from Rainbow MMO. Also, can confirm those are in fact “N”s.

Part 2:

Massively has posted there cartouche just a bit ago as well. I have this one figured out also, as it didn’t add any new letters that I needed. Sadly, Kotaku’s cartouche is still giving me fits, and I’m not going to go through the remaining 210 possible solutions I have for it to see if I’m correct.

Edit: Werit has recieved a package as well.

Well, we all know and love him, buy Syp at BioBreak has recieved some glyphs as well. Giving us the X, K, and D.

Edit: Massively quickly responded with a new picture that showed the fourth glyph in full form, and while similar to the “I” we saw on Keen and Graev’s site, I think it is different enough to say that it may not be it. That still only leaves us with a few letter not released, so if you’re the persistant kind, I think you can get it.

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7 Responses to King Tutt would be proud

  1. Slurms says:

    Another quick update for ya Andrew:

    Got this one in my reader just minutes before yours went up.

  2. Anromir says:

    That code from Massively does not work. I tested it out (and I have no scarabs of my own, yet) and it said invalid code. 😦

    • shadowwar says:

      That’s freaking weak. Sorry man, unless one of those letters was wrong, or they screwed up, I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll keep updating this as things move along.

  3. Diederich says:

    Yeah the Massively one seems broken

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