WootCracked the code, thanks to one important helpful tip from someone oh WHA forums. Once I figured that out, it was just a simple matter of force-cracking the word.

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Making serious business out of internet spaceships.

5 Responses to Yahtzee!

  1. Grimnir says:

    So are the J and N correct then?

  2. Grimnir says:

    Lol, got it now… My initial guesses were waaay off.

  3. theerivs says:

    Awesome1!! Congo Rats.

  4. Thromdril says:

    Care to share this for us lazy people who just want a goody?

    • shadowwar says:

      The one that I solved ran out of scarabs last night. And the other two seem to be broken so far. When I get new info I’ll be letting you all know about it.

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