Attention All Newcomers!

There are a LOT of new WAR blogs. I mean a LOT. I am going to be doing a culling of my ‘roll’ in the near future here, so I need some help from you guys.

  1. I will axe anyone who hasn’t posted in over a month. Exceptions are made for sites that typically have longer post times (like Fjorador), but it’s my general rule of thumb for activity.
  2. If you are new, and not on there, SPEAK UP. I tried to catch as many of the new generation as possible, but I’m human, falable, and overall, a slack-ass. So help a brother out, and remind me of who you are and just how damn awesome you are.
  3. If you write about WAR or MMOs and I haven’t included you, let me know as well, and I’ll read you, and possibly add you (Scarybooster, I know, I need to throw you on there). However, let me know if you want to be under “general” or “Warhammer” depending on what your focus is. I’ve been toying with having to move Werit to Warhammer, even though he does of a slight generalist bent. We’ll see.

Thanks to all who come here and help make the community the best MMO group on the net!


About Shadow
Making serious business out of internet spaceships.

5 Responses to Attention All Newcomers!

  1. Just checking my blog to avoid the “Cull”!!!

  2. Werit says:

    Your labels can not contain me! 😉

  3. theerivs says:

    I want to be put under porn site please.

  4. Tarelther says:

    Thanks for listing me. At least someone puts up with my rantings. 😉

  5. forjador says:

    You do the list and I’ll just copy it to my blog 😛

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