Project Fresh and Clean

So, from the various comments and tweets I received the other day, I decided to go with a Witch Elf to do my no-addon experiment with.  I really think you’re all just a perverted adolescents who wanted to see more girl-flesh running around the game, but hey, I give the audience what they wants. So, I spun up the character creator for Iron Rock, picked the best looking face, the most blatantly sexually-indicating tattoo, and did my best to get her name as close to “she” as possible (Schi for the record).

Once in game, I turned on the recorded, went through the painful process of making sure all of my addons wear deactivated, and then set up my UI. I swear to all that is holy and good, I think it took me about 5 minutes just to set everything up in a fashion similar to what I wanted. Then I did my key-binds for my n52te. Most of that was handled in the initial pass, but I did some slight tweaking here and there as I went about playing. I didn’t get far, only to L4/R4, but I think the bulk of the start-up is all over, so I’m hoping I can spend some time tonight playing her some more.

The goal with all of this is put together a video of the setup, and how mutable the interface is. While going through all of this, I’m sure I’ll find areas where the interface is lacking. Find is probably not the right word, re-discover why I got an addon to overcome a limiting feature might be a better phrase. As I find these things, I’ll create a video for it, and point out possible addons to help overcome the problem, and talk about the pros and cons of each.

For instance, I noticed last night that the buffs/debuffs are VERY difficult to read on the character portraits, particularly the number of stacks/durations. It’s a huge hindrance when trying to quickly identify a combat situation, and reading something half the size of my pinky nail on a 20″ screen at 1280×1024 resolution doesn’t work well. There are a lot of different addons that you can use to help you out with this. The one that I prefer the most for being reasonable in size, ease-of-use, and least intrusive is DuffTimer. There are other addons that will help you keep track of these things, and Aura comes to mind as one of the most popular for it’s in-your-face proclamations, but Duff’s low-profile information keeps my screen clear, which I appreciate.

Follow the jump for my short video.


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One Response to Project Fresh and Clean

  1. theerivs says:

    I have never used addons for WAR.

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