Help a Warhammer player smile again

All of us that gather on the internet across these various blogs and websites are all part of a community. I’ve always placed a large factor of importance on communities, and believe that they are what give people strength beyond anything else in their lives. When feeling lonely, sad, or happy, you turn to the people around you first, to share with them, give support, and receive support in turn. One of our own in the Warhammer community is looking for some help in her real life.

Perizada is an Archmage on the Iron Rock server (where my DoK is, I’ve probably traded blows with her at some point). Her real name is Melanie. She suffers from severe periodontal disease brought about by an accident in her youth that caused major nerve and tissue damage in her mouth. The destruction of these tissues is why she is in the position she is in today, missing many teeth and what she has remaining “rotting way before her very eyes”. As a single mom living in California, I’m sure it’s difficult to spare time and money to be able to have the massive surgery needed to fix the issue. There are real problems with her situation beyond just a self esteem issue. The difficulty in getting work as people see bad teeth and the immediate perception is poor hygiene and not someone whom you want to employ. Or the link between periodontal disease and heart attacks.

 However, there is a contest of sorts, that is giving $30,000 of free dental work to whomever gets voted to receive it. You can watch Melanie’s video here. I’m not going to tell you to vote for her, or to vote at all, but if you have a minute, check out the site, watch her video, and if you feel moved to, cast your vote. There is no need to even sign up to vote, all that is required is a code input. You can vote every day if you wish.

As a community of gamers, and I’m sure a lot of us are Warhammer players, help Melanie out. Show her our support and see if we can bring some joy into the life of someone we interact with on a virtual level. I first came upon this on the official forums, and felt that as a community, I would spread the word as much as I could to help this girl (woman/mom/what-have-you) out.


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6 Responses to Help a Warhammer player smile again

  1. CMK says:

    Iron Rock for life. Voted.

  2. Slurms says:

    Voted after I saw your tweet. =)

  3. skarbd says:

    She got my vote. Everyone needs a bit of a break in their lives and hopefully this will be hers.

  4. Mr. Meh says:

    I cast my vote as well.

  5. theerivs says:

    I gave my vote, as someone who had extensive work on their teeth as well, I know all the stigmatisms, and problems from it. I hope she wins.

  6. Krosuss says:

    Used to be a guildie with Perizada … nice girl. Voted!

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