LoL is still amazing.

EQ2 has me gripped tightly. WTF happened to Freeport?

Wipeout is the best damn racing franchise of all time, supported by stellar music. You don’t think so? You’re wrong.

Work IT is on a rampage, all posts for near future will be done either from my phone, or the rare preplaned one from home. Do not expect the latter.

My vacation is getting close. Feeling senioritis in the work place.

Dogs can be a pain in the ass.

Virtual worlds need greater prominence in the MMO genre.

I have a taste of highly connected digital life with my Android at times, and it leaves me craving more.

Linking and image posting with this WordPress app is more trouble than its worth.

Random picture of daughter attached (but not placed!) for cuteness factor.

I’ll be right back!

If you remember last year at this time, I was busy with work. Well, this year is the same. See colleges like to schedule construction related stuff around the times when students won’t be around. So, I’ll be doing a survey of the back half of my old dormitory, for us to install the system this summer. Basically, I’ll be driving an hour and a half each way every day to do this, so my blogging time is getting eaten up.

Regular scheduled program should resume on Monday, Friday if we’re lucky.