In case you were wondering

Skeetk has about 1,560,000 hitpoints.

  • Yes, I was bored.
  • No, I couldn’t sleep.
  • Yes, it took a long time (hour and a half).
  • No, I did not do any of the others.
  • Yes, my obsessive need to KNOW sometimes is too much for my own good.

Follow the break for the image.

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No room at the inn

Last night was the North America PTS event to test out the RR100 templates. To say it went well is an understatement. To say there was a good turnout would be a disservice. My class ended early last night, so I was able to rush home in time to catch the tail end of the event. I sat down in front my computer screen at 8:25 PM EST, and was met with an unsettling message when I tried to bring my newly created Shadow Warrior into WAR: “Population is full”.

Wait, what? I thought that I’d have better luck if I tried to create a destruction character – Blackguard incoming!

The results were no different.

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Tiers from the Moon

"Tears from the Moon" is one of the best of the album.

Above and beyond all the skaven news that we’ve been getting pummeled with of late, Mythic released some new information via a post on the official forums by Andy that told us all about a restructuring of the various tiers throughout the game, and other plans to help account for the upcoming power gap that will be coming in the picanic basket of Verminous Horde. The post, as a part of Mythic’s continued series of In-Development threads, is titled “Addressing the Power Gap”. The reason for this is most telling by a statement in the preamble that reads:

…we’d like to take a moment to address some concerns that the community has around some of the benefits that the pack offers to those who purchase it and the impact that it will have on WAR in general.

What I find compelling about this, is that it touches on a few topics at once. It lets the reader know that the developers are attentive to the customer. It conveys a sense of careful consideration of concerns carried by the player base. Finally, it is an example that developing an MMO is not some linear progression where things have a minimal impact. Creating and maintaining a game like this requires thinking geometrically to really consider the varied and many outcomes every change can leave upon the world you create.

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Why, hello there

Look. At. You. P.S - Click me!

Waaagh you like a hurricane

Good morning class, did everyone have a good weekend?

Maybe my life is terribly unique and my situation is vastly different from others, but it feels at times that my weekends are busier than my weekdays. Catching up on school work, house work, time with the family, and general errands, it seems to eat up a lot of my free time. This weekend was one of those. My wife had a wedding to go to on Saturday, and that took up her entire day, leaving me to play Daddy all day, and then Sunday was spent helping out family members with some heavy lifting, and then about three hours of finishing all my homework (Bio I can die in a fire), and then went out for dinner with the wife, and got the hottest eff-ing wings I’ve ever eaten. My lips were purple. PURPLE. In the end, I was able to sneak in a few hours of game time across the weekend.

So, keeping that in mind, I tend to leave twitter, the community, and all game-related news on the curb side to be picked up on Monday morning. Weekends are my “personal” time so to speak, and so, anything that gets revealed then will inevitably be missed. So, I wanted to give you a heads up, because really, I don’t think my life is much different from others, we’re all busy real people. I’m here to give you the highlights of hurricane of information that headed our way, heaping information on our heads. Well, maybe it was more of a tropical storm, but it rained either way!

  • Carrie has a podcast with TTH (thanks to Erdknuffle for linking there).
  • Bootae was a good Euro blogger, and got first dibs on the infoz.
  • John Cox (via Andy Belford) explained in a detailed manner, the reason behind the Badlands server issues.
  • Massively finally got around to talking about the UK gamesday stuff, and the writer is quite pleased.

You dirty rat

Bootae’s been turned to the dark side.

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit melodramatic, but he has been converted to a happy rainbow of optimistic expectation as it comes to the skaven.

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but he has gone from concerned to expectant, and dammit, this is the internetz! I will exaggerate, pontificate, and wildly gesticulate (verbally speaking) to strengthen my points, no matter how poorly my actions reflect reality. As I said before, I was overall underwhelmed by the Skaven news. I think I’m going to expand upon that a bit more, so, follow the jump.


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European Colleagues

In case you weren’t paying attention, this last weekend, Games Workshop held their Gamesday event in the UK. Those WAR fans out there should take special note of this, because Andy Belford flew over there to take part in the event and to reveal gobs of information to the fans, and our great Euro Bloggers were there to get all the information.

  • Start with WarAura, which has an amazing write-up conglomeration of a mass of info.
  • Then head to Bruglir’s Blog, who has a similar write-up, with his own twist.
  • Later on, head to Bootae’s Bloody Blog, who supposedly will have something up, eventually. Until then, check out his pretty pictures!
  • The Price of Wargh! already has some commentary and responses to the news. Find out why he is underwhelmed.
  • Werit, in his typical freakishly-early morning post schedule, talks briefly about the Skaven.
  • Skar gives Mythic props for their willingness to change things, but is dubious about the direction micro-transactions may take WAR.

It’s early still, and I expect a lot more to come from the WAR blog community as well as maybe a few chirps here and there from those who pay attention to MMOs in general. Oh, wait, you want MY commentary and thoughts on all these announced changes so far? Well, golly gee-wilikers, follow the jump, and you may just get it.

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Smoke and a Pancake

Want to know how to ruin a successful movie series?

Werit already used the title I was looking for, so whatever. However, as he points out, yesterday we got our Producer’s letter as well as a small patch. The patch changed the new “stance” mechanic for the Rune Priest/Zealot to function as a 1:1 ratio, as well as a couple minor bug fixes. The bigger subject of note was the producer’s letter.

In this letter, Carrie hints at the removal of the VP system, and how it is going to change the face of the ORvR campaign. Gone will be the days of Waithammer, allegedly. Between her and Andy’s answers on the Q&A thread, we can see them moving toward a more dynamic and actively-involved PvP system, with sights on the city to hopefully take queue from the things that worked there.

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GamesCom – Friday

My WAAAGH! face.

You can go chat with them right now. Hopefully you can get it to work, so far, all I can do is read the action.

Edit: Over already. Far too quick, and technical difficulties robbed us of precious time. Such is life.

That said, what we got from it is the following:

  • New armor sets above sovereign.
  • New RvR zone available even if you don’t buy the pack (will be incorporated into campaign)
  • Powergap is recognized and will be kept in mind going forward.
  • The method of making the lower RR easier will probably be through bonuses.
  • Removal of the VP system (thank GOD!)
  • RA system (Realm abilities from DAoC)
  • Concept art of underground tunnels

Beyond that, not much was said, pertaining to WAR. The internet is a fickle mistress, and is best treated gently. I’ll be continuing updates as more information comes out.

Edit: Woot! Pack will be here before Christmas.

Edit: Nobwaart has a great compilation of questions asked during the live chat, and a big thanks to Werit for pointing out this post at War-Welten.

For a bit of commentary, I really think that Skaven as a playable race is going to be possible. It won’t be done in the normal way, and I’m currently leaning towards something akin to monster play from LotRO. The underground tunnels will probably run parrallel to the Empire zones (at least) and be the warrens where the Skaven have made their home. I hope that they will be able to come out of those zones and wreck havoc on everyone around, maybe with cache’s of warpstone deposits in the lakes as incentive that can be used to power up some way. There are a lot of really interesting possibilities with Skaven as a third realm, and it can be implemented in a couple ways. Should be fun.

Edit: Final blurb of the day for me.

We have a video of Andy and Carrie talking about the upcoming RvR pack. Lots of good little tidbits in there, as well as Carrie being just a silly goose. Me thinks foreign countries, sleep, and the hustle and bustle has gone to the heads of our intrepid producer and community manager.

Also, as I’m sure you are all aware, this weekend is Gamesday Baltimore. You should be aware, because I told you about it. PAY ATTENTION! Good. More info will be coming out this weekend, and we have more bloggers doing more interviews of more people about more stuff. MORE. Anyway, everyone in Baltimore have fun. I’ll be soaking up double renown as much as I can, when I’m not tethered to my daughter and wife.