Trion play


Try and…okay, bad ‘word joke’.

But really, why are people thrown off by these queues I’ve heard so much about. How did noone realize this was coming. If you’re a tripple A title using game shards, you have two choice – launch with a plethora of servers to avoid this, and then consolidate after, or launch with a more modest number and have queues – and the player frustration that comes with it. Until companies start finding a better server structure, or a way to handle that many players at once, this is the poison we have to deal with.

As an experience MMO player, you shouldn’t be surprised at this stage.

On a more upbeat note – congrats Trion on launching a game that apparently 100s of thousands of players want to get into. That’s what we call, “a good problem”.

Waaagh you like a hurricane

Good morning class, did everyone have a good weekend?

Maybe my life is terribly unique and my situation is vastly different from others, but it feels at times that my weekends are busier than my weekdays. Catching up on school work, house work, time with the family, and general errands, it seems to eat up a lot of my free time. This weekend was one of those. My wife had a wedding to go to on Saturday, and that took up her entire day, leaving me to play Daddy all day, and then Sunday was spent helping out family members with some heavy lifting, and then about three hours of finishing all my homework (Bio I can die in a fire), and then went out for dinner with the wife, and got the hottest eff-ing wings I’ve ever eaten. My lips were purple. PURPLE. In the end, I was able to sneak in a few hours of game time across the weekend.

So, keeping that in mind, I tend to leave twitter, the community, and all game-related news on the curb side to be picked up on Monday morning. Weekends are my “personal” time so to speak, and so, anything that gets revealed then will inevitably be missed. So, I wanted to give you a heads up, because really, I don’t think my life is much different from others, we’re all busy real people. I’m here to give you the highlights of hurricane of information that headed our way, heaping information on our heads. Well, maybe it was more of a tropical storm, but it rained either way!

  • Carrie has a podcast with TTH (thanks to Erdknuffle for linking there).
  • Bootae was a good Euro blogger, and got first dibs on the infoz.
  • John Cox (via Andy Belford) explained in a detailed manner, the reason behind the Badlands server issues.
  • Massively finally got around to talking about the UK gamesday stuff, and the writer is quite pleased.

Resistance is futile

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about GOA and Warhammer parting ways. The split was announced on Friday of last week, by GOA and Mythic. Since then, Mythic has released a more comprehensive explanation of what’s going to happen, as well as a FAQ (FR, GER). Many of my European colleagues have started to comment on it some (has an english google translator), and seeing how they are the most affected, are probably a good sounding board of the situation. The long and short of it all, is that European servers are being brought under the full purview, control, and responsability of Mythic. The players will be allowed to transfer over to American servers if they choose, but to do so would mean loosing out on their more localy-placed servers (Germany) and have to deal with the ensuing lag.

Ahh Europe, you will become like us, one way or another.

As an aside, this has spawned conversation all over, including forums. One intersting result from a conversation on my home servers threads of discussion, is that apparently, Greeks are naturally better at history than anyone else. The proof is in this douche’s own words.

European Invasion


That’s big news. Obviously a ton of questions need to be answered. But it’s hot off the presses. Considering what I’ve heard of GOA, I don’t think a lot of players will be upset by this.


see-sawOn my server, Order has been pounding the ever-living snot out of Destruction for the past month and a half. We’ve pushed into their city multiple times per week on most weeks. Yes, the stage one instance of the invasion is a bit lackluster, and yes there are bugs that need to be worked out, but that is not what I want to talk about today. Today, I want to talk about realm balance. I would love to hear from other players what their realm is like now, has been like, and the evolutions it has made. I find it interesting to see community ebb and sway as time goes on, and the way the mood strikes them as a collective whole. I clearly remember at launch order players screaming about  how overpowerd, better looking, and just more well thought out the side of destruction was. Now, as I read through the forums, I see the players of destruction saying the same about order.

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