A couple of Incarna pictures (no bitches)

Follow the Jump for the images.

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I wanted to post up a series of screenshots taken from EVE. So, for visual stimulus, continue reading.

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I’ve been trying for days now to upload properly my video of Munitions character from CO. It seems I’m rather unlucky in that I have a monitor that is 5 years old now, and most definitely not a widescreen. I run at 1280×1024, which seems to be an “odd” ratio in terms of video. For whatever reason, the video I’m trying to make with Windows Movie Maker keeps ending up squished from the sides whenever I render it into an HD format, as if it’s trying to make it widescreen by default, and there are no settings to change it in WMM. The actual recorded bits end up narrow and elongated, looking like crap. I don’t know what I’m doing different now from before, but it’s a slow process of render, then upload to youtube to see if it looks right. If I can’t get it to work, I’ll see if I can get a good compression with Sony Vegas. Vegas is a far more powerful program, and I adore the editing portion of the software, but the rendering aspects I have almost zero skill in.

Oh, and here’s a screencap of the one costume request I got 😉

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Some Sceenshots

Wanted to give you guys some looks at the actual in-game appearances of stuff, so sit back, and enjoy.

Enjoy them.

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