He has returned

Yesterday, I talked about EVE and the new expansion, and touched VERY briefly on the Sansha invasion. Well, after spending a VERY brief amount of time in-game last, and talking to my corps mates, apparently, shit is hitting the fan. Not in a “players-are-bitching” kind of way, but as in, the world is going to hell in a handbasket. The universe is changing, the enemy is invading systems and TAKING THEM OVER. The kicker to all this? Players can stop it. Yeah, every player out there can go and fight off the invasion if they so desire. WoW players get to play in the aftermath of a world-changing event with Cataclysm. EVE players get to survive it and determine the outcome.

That reality of the game should be astounding. The implications of what it means to the player base should get anyone excited. Hell, I’m getting psyched up just typing about it. In the universe of EVE, players get to have a direct hand in the shaping of their game-reality. So far, I’ve heard reports of up to 850 players in one system fighting back Sansha forces. I’ve also heard of the Nation just waltzing in to completely undefended systems and setting up shop. Players get to decide, players determine the outcome based directly on their involvement, and the cherry on top of it all, is that non-involvement has just as much of an outcome.

So yes, while it is a PvE experience (sort-of), it’s not like one I’ve ever heard of anywhere else. PvE in any other game has been a completely player-driven experience. In the sense that the player sought it out to advance, but if they choose not to partake then it was just there, detached from them in any meaningful way. In EVE, I don’t think players will be able to avoid the impact of Sansha’s Nation. Whether it means hiding in a deep hole of Empire to avoid, or to constantly hop systems around invasion points. Even if you don’t want to participate, you’re play experience will be changed.

That’s part of the beauty of EVE.