Tomorrow, Tomorrow

It’s the day of the RvR packs. The waiting ends. Many of us have been playing for two years now, and of that population, a large portion have stopped seeing sexy purple numbers as tangible representation of our accomplishments. We’ve had to “settle” for bloody satisfaction instead. Along with a slew of other great things to come that has been poured over, analyzed, critiqued, praised, derided, and just treated like a piece of meat in general by the chomping masses, we get to play what is, arguably, the biggest addition of content to the game since launch. Additionally, we get to play the game in a whole new way. How we interacted with the world before is about to change forever.

So, relax tonight. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, we die.

Smoke and a Pancake

Want to know how to ruin a successful movie series?

Werit already used the title I was looking for, so whatever. However, as he points out, yesterday we got our Producer’s letter as well as a small patch. The patch changed the new “stance” mechanic for the Rune Priest/Zealot to function as a 1:1 ratio, as well as a couple minor bug fixes. The bigger subject of note was the producer’s letter.

In this letter, Carrie hints at the removal of the VP system, and how it is going to change the face of the ORvR campaign. Gone will be the days of Waithammer, allegedly. Between her and Andy’s answers on the Q&A thread, we can see them moving toward a more dynamic and actively-involved PvP system, with sights on the city to hopefully take queue from the things that worked there.

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You want answers, you got answers

In case you missed it, there’s a Q&A thread going on at the official forums, where Andy is answering as much as he can about the new RvR Packs that are coming out. You post a question and Andy will answer it if able. There’s a lot he still can’t discuss, but some new info is coming out. I’m going to take the Herculean effort of posting all answered questions here, in one consolidated place. Keep in mind, there are (as of right now, this moment) eight (8) pages of this thread, sooooo… yeah. This’ll be fun!

Edit: Updated with Andy’s late-night answers. Gets some sleep man!

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A quickie



Get me a cigarette…

I kid! Some stuff we kinda-sorta knew already, but futher iterations and refinement of details. Mythic knows how to tease.

The trail so far

Sadly, we don’t know a lot, and this path we’re wandering down is taking us places we don’t know about. Our only option is to enjoy the ride and see where it drops us.

We know that Andy and Carrie have been doing a stupid amount of interviews while in the land of Germany. They’ve obviously talked to, GoHa.Ru (Russian site), WAR-Welten (German), Gamereactor, @70MS (Meghan Rodberg from Turbine), and  Massively. What we know from those various sources is scant indeed.

As we found out yesterday, onRPG told us that the renown cap is increased to 100, Skaven will be introduced in some fashion (possible player controlled), and thanks to a friendly reader at Werit’s blog, we know that the blurb at does indeed confirm a new zone of some sort.

Information is scant, but Andy Belford assured us via a forum post and a tweet, that we can expect a lot more detailed information this weekend. Also if you read any of the so-far interviewed articles/sites, they all are pretty much in lock-step at having more information forth-coming. My guess is from the need to actually, you know, write and edit things. They can’t all be free-wheeling, non-sensical bloggers like me!