Late to the Game – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

This is going to be the first in what may, but probably won’t, become a theme of reviewing older games that everyone other than myself has already played. You may have picked up on this fact from reading previous entries, but when it comes to console gaming, I very rarely play recent or new games. Buying them new is too expensive, and unless a game allegedly has a stellar multiplayer that I shouldn’t miss – I avoid it. Single player games experience is not going to change that much. This means that I often miss out on “hot” games that everyone needs to play, and to public ridicule when meeting other gamers. For instance – when I was in Virginia meeting with Mythic, I received incredulous responses from my fellow bloggers and developers when I admitted I had yet to finish Portal. As the title gives away, this post I’m going to talk about the first Uncharted, a game I finished a scant 12 hours previous. There will be spoilers.

If you don’t want to read further, here’s the synopsis:

Decent game: good story, splashy controls, crisp graphics, Tomb Raider meets Indian Jones.

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Re-review, but not really

Maybe EG, but that's questionable.

It’s very clear, that MMORPG didn’t actually play WAR when they did their re-review (thanks to Gaarawarr for pointing me to the review). At least, not for any discernible amount of time. This review feels like little more than an angry rant at a game not being what they wanted it to be a year and a half ago. Anyone who currently plays WAR will tell you that things were much worse back then, much better now, but like all games, still has its issues. That said, the particulars of this review are so overwhelmingly biased, and just flat-out wrong, that I’m astounded that the site put it up. I’ll point out a handful of the more glaring statements.

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EuroGam…errrrr I mean Gamespot

Yeah. This.

At least they recognized the situation quickly, and promptly apologized.

There’s a problem in journalistic media today outside of the mainstream news. The credibility of game reviews are becoming more shaky as stuff like this continues to happen. There needs to be a higher level of scrutiny on what is released from outlets that retail to this market.

Initial Review

reviewI recently made a response on one of Keen’sposts, that made me realize that I think I can speak with enough specifics and authority on the subject matter, that a “first impressions” review of Champions Online would be merited, and not just me gushing with new shiny, fanboi love. I think I’ve experienced enough different aspects of the game, and been exposed to a good amount of systems for me to be able to see how the game is going to preform as I make my way through it. For those that want just the bare-bones opinion, or a TLDR version if you will: I like the game, there is a whole lot going for it, but I still don’t think it will be a giant success. 

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Aion: An initial, and totally unimportant review

le suckAs promised, I am going to provide you some of my insight on the game Aion from the experience I’ve had in the beta testing. A couple people asked for a couple of things, so I’ll address those things here, and I’ll also post a video later this week of some game-play, character creation, and screenshots I took over the weekend when I get a chance to work on it some. So without further ado here you go.

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Early Impressions

SNL LindaI’ve had a busy couple of days. Between the release of Land of the Dead, a recent character development for my Shadow Warrior, my happy return to a five-day/fourty-hour work week,  my wife’s triumphant entrance into her second trimester (she still just seems to want to sleep for 12 hours a day), the regular grindstone for my summer classes, and the oh-so-joyish Florida-summer yard-work, I feel as if I haven’t had a whole lot of time to sit down and document the things that are noteworthy, or might be interesting to anyone who walks through here. So, I’m going to give an update of where I stand in regards to the game with a recent change I’ve made, a brief look at how I’ve been playing the game lately, and a brief glimpse what I’ve seen of Land of the Dead (particularly Tomb of the Vulture Lord) so far.

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