Psychic Snakes – FROM SPACE

screenshot_2009-09-08-22-32-58Continuing in my super-heroic efforts of Champions Online, I’ve been sticking with my Power Armor character, and resisting the temptation to play my alts. Three demands my time, and if he doesn’t get it, I’ll probably have a chest beam go through my head. Or a laser sword leave me one-armed and unable to blog. I didn’t game too much these last 5 days, for a couple of reasons.

  1. Labor Day holiday.
  2. Booze (for said holiday).
  3. U.S. Open “My name is Rafael Nadal, I will switch my racket in the first set and commence with the ass-beating”
  4. Sweet, sweet sleep.
  5. Jury duty.

Yes, I’m a tennis fan. I love tennis, and watch every major that comes along. I’ve noticed that as I get older, I watch it more, not sure why. I was never a huge football/basketball/baseball fan, but I LOVE watching tennis. If you missed James Blake’s match that went 7 sets in this open, you missed one of the best knock-down, drag-out matches in U.S. Open history. It was amazing to watch.

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