Video Q&A

Last night, Mythic held a live-streamed video Q&A session. Representing Mythic was Carrie G. , Andy B. , James C. , Keaven F., and Steven E. They were fielding questions from their U-Stream channel, as well as from twitter (there’s a reason I participate in the micro-messaging social tool). Once again, I didn’t get to watch except for about 30 seconds of it, as I was in school. Getting my degree. Being responsible.

Stupid responsibilities.

Anyway, you can catch the show after the fact, as it was recorded in two parts found here and here. Additionally, for the video-phobic, you can read a rough transcript, thanks to Warhammer Alliance here (much thanks to Charlotte for her endeavors).

You want answers, you got answers

In case you missed it, there’s a Q&A thread going on at the official forums, where Andy is answering as much as he can about the new RvR Packs that are coming out. You post a question and Andy will answer it if able. There’s a lot he still can’t discuss, but some new info is coming out. I’m going to take the Herculean effort of posting all answered questions here, in one consolidated place. Keep in mind, there are (as of right now, this moment) eight (8) pages of this thread, sooooo… yeah. This’ll be fun!

Edit: Updated with Andy’s late-night answers. Gets some sleep man!

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Mogwai, don’t feed them after midnight

Steven Engle waiting for us bloggers.

I sit here in the Mythic studio under the sharp whip of Andy Belford after a multi-hour question and answer session with a host of members from the development team. So, this will be the 30 minute blog of information to give you as many of the answers I got as possible. Only when done, can I get the shackle unlocked from my ankle and return to the sweet sweet freedom of fresh air and alcohol. A giant thanks goes to Corrie Teadway, Keavan Freeman, Amber Turner, Mike Wyatt, James Casey, Sean Bosshardt, Steve Engle, and Nate Levy for sitting with us through what could only have been a torturous and tedious event for him. 

For starters, I want to say that the entire team here has been incredible gracious and receptive to us. They were fielded many questions ranging from the  mundane to the sensational, and they kept an even response to all of them as well as being as informative to an extent that I did not expect. Of course, there are areas that they couldn’t go into because the development process was not at the point to allow the answers, but as a whole, I was impressed at the candor. 

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It will be Mythic(al)

I always liked this logo.

Andy just made the post announcing the “Mythic BLAAAGHER Invasion” in which Werit, Gaarawar, Mykiel, and myself will be heading to Mythic’s HQ for some face time interviews about the upcoming 1.3.5 patch and the city changes coming down the pipe. We will be up there on teh 8th and 9th of this week (Thursday and Friday). There will be a time for us to do a live, viewer-supported Q&A session via Twitter. So, at 2PM EST on Thursday the 8th, be sure to be sending me questions about what it is you want asked!

PTS 2010.02.18

As you are probably aware, last night was the PTS event to test out the new insignia system as well as the new 6v6 scenario, “The Ironclad”. Some of the more morning-loving bloggers out there have already talked about them to some extent (seriously Gaarawar do you sleep?). I was there for the entirety of testing the vast majority of the Q&A, staying up well past my typical bed time of 10:30 PM. This morning is rough, but I’ve got my big jug o’ coffee, my actual job work-load is somewhat light for a change (only one meeting to interupt this post), and I’m ready to talk about this some. So here goes.

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Don’t stress me man!

I’ve had the lovely experience of being up since 4:30 AM with a 6 week old that refuses to stop crying, so if this is less than coherent, I beg your understanding and perseverance.

As you should be aware, last night was a stress test of the server infrastructure held on Warpstone hosted by Andy from Mythic. As typical procedure goes, everyone gathered up in Praag at the warcamps, hoped onto the official vent channel, and went to our corners. One faction was sent to a keep and then the other was sent to attack. The turnout was impressive, with 250 or so people on simultaneously.

Of course, that wouldn’t satisfy Mythic now would it? No, they have some spiffy new tech that lets them spawn virtual players, and the classes today were Bright Wizards and Sorceresses. These bots ran around spamming Rain of Fire and Pit of Shades, trying to gobble up all the tasty performance they could. Between players and bots, there were 420 players, all at one place. Being the brave, adventurous chap that I am, I got it into my thick head to Fraps this beast and see how it went. Surprisingly, it went pretty well.

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