No room at the inn

Last night was the North America PTS event to test out the RR100 templates. To say it went well is an understatement. To say there was a good turnout would be a disservice. My class ended early last night, so I was able to rush home in time to catch the tail end of the event. I sat down in front my computer screen at 8:25 PM EST, and was met with an unsettling message when I tried to bring my newly created Shadow Warrior into WAR: “Population is full”.

Wait, what? I thought that I’d have better luck if I tried to create a destruction character – Blackguard incoming!

The results were no different.

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To hold you over

I won’t be able to attend the PTS tonight, so last night, I did some quick poking around on the test server, running around the lake and getting a look at all the new toys we’re getting. Or, well, as many as I could. Nothing feels drastically different from the old map, everything you come across should be comfortable and easy to interact with. There are still a few graphical glitches that seem to be lingering (like the cast bar ghost after interacting with a siege weapon), but for the most part, if you use the stock UI, basic information should be right at your fingertips, telling you different things in a familiar manner. Follow the jump for some pictures and comments.

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Three is better than four

Tomorrow is the first night of testing the mechanics of the new RvR Campaign. Wednesday, the 6th, at 8 PM est is the scheduled kick off time, and the event will be taking place in Tier 3. So start patching now, get your character ready, and be ahead of the curve in preparation time, lording it over the foolishly unprepared miscreants holding back progress. Sometimes, knowledge of moral superiority is all that you have to fall back on.

So, get on there, and run around like maniacs, getting to be a part of the group that gets the first glimpse of how this will all work. I envy you, because I’ll be busy trying not to be bored in class. I expect reports from all of you on my desk first thing Thursday morning. No late work will be excepted.

No, that’s not a typo above, it is Tier 3. I actually had an interesting conversation about this on the forums today. This is the first event of many, and as I see it, it’s analogous to revving the engine of your car some before taking it out on a road trip. You want to make sure that everything is in working order and functioning as intended before you travel 2000 miles at 80 mph across highways and freeways on your trek across the country.

Information, leave the creativity at the door

I’ve been out of the loop of sorts of the goings-ons, while pounding my skull against a wall trying to wiggle free any tidbits of creativity that may be left shaking in my over-sized brain-holder-thing. While that’s been happening, a lot of things went down, that I was totally unable to participate in.

The two biggies: PTS stress test  and the Producer’s Letter. For the interested, go here for the audio of the Q&A or here for the transcript. I’ll be cruising through it myself, as the 5 minutes I got to spend in the session didn’t reveal a lot. Additionally, another test will be held this week on Warpstone, dates and times to be posted on the herald, so stay tuned.

I neither made it to the test, or was able to read the letter until just moments ago. A sick 7 month old, and a doctor visit for said baby, dominated a large chunk of my time over the weekend. When I did have free time, I mostly played SC2. However, what I did read in the letter of the month, was both interesting and, at the same time, somewhat uninformative. Yes, some watermarks were met, as in, the reporting of the new forums, the re-statement of the upcoming patch, and the imminent return of the Wild Hunt live event. The big hunk of meaty goodness, for me, is the release of information about the new 6v6 scenario.

Outside of that one new ray of shining light, we have conjecture and teases. Mythic will have a presence at both Games Day: Baltimore and GamesCon: Cologne. As much as I want to get excited that this means new content, an expansion, or SOMETHING is being released, I’m not. I’m going to be brutally honest here: I’m keeping expectations low, that way, all surprises will be good.

Bah, I’m dragging myself down.

PTS Video

It’s the Ironclad on PTS. Enjoy.

PTS 2010.02.18

As you are probably aware, last night was the PTS event to test out the new insignia system as well as the new 6v6 scenario, “The Ironclad”. Some of the more morning-loving bloggers out there have already talked about them to some extent (seriously Gaarawar do you sleep?). I was there for the entirety of testing the vast majority of the Q&A, staying up well past my typical bed time of 10:30 PM. This morning is rough, but I’ve got my big jug o’ coffee, my actual job work-load is somewhat light for a change (only one meeting to interupt this post), and I’m ready to talk about this some. So here goes.

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Don’t stress me man!

I’ve had the lovely experience of being up since 4:30 AM with a 6 week old that refuses to stop crying, so if this is less than coherent, I beg your understanding and perseverance.

As you should be aware, last night was a stress test of the server infrastructure held on Warpstone hosted by Andy from Mythic. As typical procedure goes, everyone gathered up in Praag at the warcamps, hoped onto the official vent channel, and went to our corners. One faction was sent to a keep and then the other was sent to attack. The turnout was impressive, with 250 or so people on simultaneously.

Of course, that wouldn’t satisfy Mythic now would it? No, they have some spiffy new tech that lets them spawn virtual players, and the classes today were Bright Wizards and Sorceresses. These bots ran around spamming Rain of Fire and Pit of Shades, trying to gobble up all the tasty performance they could. Between players and bots, there were 420 players, all at one place. Being the brave, adventurous chap that I am, I got it into my thick head to Fraps this beast and see how it went. Surprisingly, it went pretty well.

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Just a quick note

Just got done with the Q&A session after the PTS event. I asked about their feelings on the stance mechanic’s benefits for the Shadow Warrior when considering it’s limiting nature and the comparison to what a squig provides. Nate Levy’s response was that the stance mechanic in general is something they are looking into and would like to work with, but can’t give any details beyond that.

Maybe it’s just me, but I got a sense of a nudge and a wink in his reply. Wanting us to know that changes are coming.

Take it for what you will. I’ll be sticking with my Knight until I get more definitive response, but some info is better than none.

Shiny Cap’n

I had the priviledge of playing around on the test server last night. It was hosted by Andy of Mythic, and we had a slew of folks on one vent channel all running around in glorious battle. I believe the number I heard told was 220 people max, all in Praag, with our “Oooohhh Shiny” setting turned on. I have to say, I was impressed by the bloom at how good it looked, with only a few minor quibbles. The even better thing was that I recorded about 30 gigs worth of video. My FPS wasn’t righteously amazing, but even during a keep siege with over 200 people in one location, I never went below 9 FPS with Fraps running.

Also, don’t believe the cake. The cake is a lie.

Video coming this weekend or Monday, depending on how busy I am with school work and how lazy I feel.