Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!


If you haven’t read this yet, you really need to. It is probably one of the sexiest  bits if MMO news I have ever read. Beyond just my fan of the game and the genre, it brings a layer of connectivity and interaction that has been unseen of before. This is the kind of innovation and advancement that MMOs should be headed. When you heat MMO 3.0, this is the level of change I think of.

Variety is a spice

This is my kind of variety.

I had a very relaxing weekend, and I think the primary reason for it was my relaxed gaming schedule. I’m usually pretty aggressive about getting some things done, or setting goals I want to achieve for the weekend to help make up for my lack of play time during the week. But this past weekend, I approached it very loosely, and floated around a bit. From consoles, to PC, to miniatures, I did everything and kept things interesting. Oh, and it was my first Father’s Day, so that felt odd, out-of-place, and like it should not have been an applicable holiday for me in the slightest. The whole “I’m a Daddy” thing still feels a bit surreal at times (6 months in, and me being responsible for another LIFE still strikes me as insane at times).

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relaxI’m taking a bit of a break from WAR. Not because I dislike the game or anything. I just don’t want to burn out on it before LotD drops. I picked up two console games for my PS3, Mirror’s Edge and The Orange Box. I tore into them for most of the weekend. Much to my wife’s chagrin. Unfortunately, she sees the family room as her domain, and anyone foolish enough to enter needs to survive combat with the hydra she turns into upon suggesting a use other than what she has determined. Luckily, the multi-headed beast naps frequently, and the soothing music from Mirror’s Edge helps to lull this creature into a long sleep.

That said, I’m really sad I have drifted so far from my console roots. These two games have done so much to restore my faith in console games. The first game I purchased when I got my PS3 was Assassin’s Creed, and I was actually disappointed with it. It was a fairly fun game, but it just felt slow. Running around on horseback between cities, climbing the same structures and jumping into the same hay bales over and over got real old, real fast. It’s interesting, and the story is okay, but I still have yet to finish it. I just became apathetic to the game as a whole.

But now, look to Mirror’s Edge.

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