The labor of self-educating

The reality of being a PC gamer, is that, over time, you end up learning a lot about various aspects of computer care – frequently the hard way. Whether it’s learning that you absolutely should back up everything before tinkering with a registry, or maybe you shouldn’t listen to that tech service guy who tells you to remove the quarter-sized back-up battery to reset your bios, there are so many aspects that go into maintaining and keeping a computer running smooth and ensuring a quality persistent gaming rig, without having to replace it every two years. My goal, as it relates to PC gaming and spending, is to try to only replace a tower after it’s seen three years of use at the earliest. If I can push it to longer than that, then I feel like I did a good job.

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This is only a test

I repeate this is only test. Do not be alarmed. Poor writing and commentary will return shortly.

Warhammer and Melee Range Compensation

First, foremost, and of the utmost importance:

Go Blackhawks!

I was kinda-sorta hoping for a loss, so we could trounce the Flyers on home ice, and have an epic game 7, but Lord Stanley’s Cup, is Lord Stanley’s Cup, and there is never any complaining when it comes to winning it.

Onto the subject at hand:

This is a major issue, and it’s one that’s been affecting the game for a long, LONG time. If somehow, you’re not aware of it, let me give you a bit of a breakdown of what’s going on. If you want to skip this post, and read about it on the forums, or see it in video, I’ll try to hunt down, and leave a host of links at the bottom of this for you to follow.

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Oh and one more thing

Aion 7hr wait

In case you can't read that, yes, it's a 7hr 30 min wait.

Aion launched this weekend, and I just wanted to point out that it has been having some problems apparently.

Point, point.




Time-occupying point.

But hey, at least one counter-point.

I hope all you players were able to get in timely and enjoy the game as much as you hoped for. Best of luck and may your servers never crash.


Art by 2sad-eyes

Art by 2sad-eyes

I finally got the whole Champions Patcher thing working. There were plenty of problems, but Cryptic did a great job of working hard to fixthem. I still contend that it was beyond foolish to provide only one avenue of distribution for a large percentage of your players, particularly since many of these are people that pre-ordered. Options are a good thing, and providing the customer with choices makes the consumer feel empowered and happy.

Of course, there was much screaming and gnashing of teeth on the forums over a horrible launch, and what idiots this company is, /quit, blah blah blah. Which I found humerus since, technically, it IS still a beta. If it was the live game, there would not have been nearly the issue, since the bulk of the info would be on the disk you have in hand. But the industry has evolved, and modern technology has come leaps and bounds from such primitive information delivery systems, and with it, a whole new list of complications. Either way, I don’t hold any frustration with Cryptic in regards to the patcher issue, other than their short-sighted distribution. No, I continue to loathe Fileplanet, and all organizations of a similar nature.

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It’s not me, it’s you

breakupI’m taking a break from WAR. Couple of weeks to months, depending. I’ll see how I feel about it then. Sadly, Land of the Dead was not the PvP wonderland I had hoped for, in fact it had the opposite affect. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been stupid busy with real life stuff. Work is insane now that people have been let go, and those of us left behind are picking up the slack (I type this from work, irony FTW). I’ve got a pregnant wife who is milking this thing for all it’s worth (she’s 14 weeks for Pete’s sake, the doctor’s agree, she should be full of energy at this point). All this and the regular slew of day-to-day responsibilities keeps me from being able to play the game frequently.

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