Picture Time!

Inferno Hit today! Here’s pretty pictures!

Others have said, I have said, but EVE still impresses me as the best looking game in the MMO market. Maybe I’m just a sci-fi nerd (I am), maybe I just have a hard-on for the beautiful vastness of space (I do), but years of continual graphical updates and continual content to this game has won me over too.

I didn’t think I liked the Manticore from the previews I saw of it, but I was wrong. Very wrong.

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Incursion Proceeding

Yesterday, players of EVE found the skill points for their learning skills completely refunded. I had pushed the date of this even happening to the back of my mind, and so when I was checking my Capsuleer app on my iPhone yesterday afternoon, I had a mini-freakout when I was reported 2 million SP short. A handful of quick breaths later, and my memory caught up to my hysteria and throttled it soundly for being so excitable. I was left with a decision after that though: where to spend my point?

Being already heavily trained in Caldari ships, and missiles in general, I’ve been putting an eye towards flying a Manticore in the future for sneaky stealth-bombing fun. However, with Incursion’s release, there was a significant increase in the performance of rockets on the whole, and the Hawk was given an overhaul in tandem to it. Well, this seemed like a good opportunity to prepare to fly both of those ships. The base skill to fly them had already been achieved, and so, I had the last two levels for their specialization skills to polish off (Covert-ops and Assault Ships respectively). Finishing the learning of each of these is a great way to maximize the bonuses of the ship without all the hassle of waiting around for them.

I’m looking to the Hawk as a potentially strong PvP solo ganking ship. Rockets can pack a heck of a punch (especially now), and while it’s not as fast as it’s Rifter counterparts, it still has some decent speed on it. All of this is purely just theory on my end so far, but the potential is there, and I’m curious to see where this particular train of focus drops me off at. In the meantime, I’m doing missions, earning isk, and trying to be active with my corporation, and learning new things every day. As much as I’ve played this game, I still feel like there are a lot of areas where I still have things to learn and that will have a significant impact on how I play or percieve the game.