The Day the Music Died

080707-F-2171A-1315It hasn’t been as traumatic as the death of three musicians, but LotD has overall, been detrimental to the life on the server I call home, Ironfist. As I said in an earlier post, the unintended results of LotD had been amazing PvP, incredible fights, and a riot of a good time. Sadly, this didn’t last. The destruction on my server rarely take control of LotD, and when they do, all PvP stops. It becomes the proverbial immovable object. For the next two hours, at least, Order on Ironfist is stuck doing PvE content to try and take back control. As such, my guild has been doing everything we possibly can to prevent Destruction from EVER getting into LotD. It’s not out of some bitter, petty desire to stop them from seeing new content. No, our actions stem from a deep-rooted self centered need to have fun in this game, and that means having people to play against.

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WootCracked the code, thanks to one important helpful tip from someone oh WHA forums. Once I figured that out, it was just a simple matter of force-cracking the word.

Falling back to get ahead?

retroA couple of the blogs I read on a regular basis have been spit-balling about what they see as the necessary course of action for the up and coming Land of the Dead zone. They are both strong advocates of a basic copy and paste of all the concepts from it’s ideological predecessor, Darkness Falls (not the old game made by Mythic, the zone from DAoC). I happen to see things slightly differently. Read more of this post