High Alert

EVE seems to be on the edge of an intergalactic war. The long-dormant, and cut-off section of space belonging to the Jovian Empire has seen some activity. Sansha’s Nation has somehow acquired technology that lets them create wormholes and place them with spot-on accuracy wherever they choose. At the same time, they are able to allow only those they desire to use the wormhole. Reports have been sketchy so far, as I’ve been laying low for the most part. But what I hear concerns me, and what I saw released of the probe data one capsuleer was able to capture has me frightened.

I’ll keep flying low and trying to avoid as much of whatever ensuing events unfold, but this may end up being a time where that’s not possible. My personal goals and missions may have to be set aside, and if I have to fly my Rifter into the fight, I’ll take out whoever I can while I do so. If the Jovian’s really have teamed up with the Nation, things could go very, VERY bad. With the future in doubt, the fog of my past seems to hold less importance.

Bloody Cairn

I finally got to play for a bit yesterday evening, after a weekend long endurance of strangers who mostly wanted nothing to do with me. All right, maybe that’s a bit of an over-exageration, but for the most part, I spent a lot of time playing on my cellphone. So, when I got some free time yesterday to jump into my second favorite scenario, it was time greatly appreciated, and put to good use. The standard renown bonus for the weekend live events is a noticeable boon to anyone still chasing the mythical renown rank 80. People like myself.  In respect to the scenario, I wanted to look at this scenario, and talk about what exactly it is I like about it, and look at how it differs from the beast it started as.

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Keg End 2009

KeggyThe live event for Warhammer started yesterday. For those who were around this time last year, it will be familiar, as the celebrations and the holiday are the same. Keg End has returned, and brought with it all the drunken debauchery, frantic release of fireworks (which I’ve oddly not seen any yet), and inebriated, whole-sale slaughter of everything that you would expect from a holiday in the world of WAR. This years live event tasks seems particularly easy to achieve than previous events. Mostly it consists of a lot of /boast’ing to enemies (dead AND alive) and /toast’ing of allies. Of course there’s the requisite kill X numbers of the enemies, and a few side track missions to cross out the other bullet points required to get the event item.

Of course, maybe that’s why I feel a bit lackluster about this event, it’s been boiled down to overly simple tasks that most anyone could finish in just a few hours play time. Maybe that was the intent, to give all of us winter gamers an easily reachable goal in the hectic heart of the holidays. Intended or not though, it feels somewhat disappointing to me, as I was looking forward to an event as spectacular as the events we’ve had earlier this year. We didn’t need a repeat of assassin’s marks, or masks of awesomitude, but something on the same level would have been good. Still, I can’t complain too much, the refurbished Black Fire Basin has come back, and it’s freakin’ awesome how it is now, if you’re not camping the enemy spawn that is.

Happy Birthday to Me

This is what you get with a google image search for "Werewolf Birthday"

I turned 28 yesterday, and while my real world kind of sucked (5 hours of driving for a 2 hour meeting, then class last night), my virtual world was great. Mythic and Cryptic decided that in celebration of my birth, they were going to bring the awesome as presents. Champions Online saw the release of Blood Moon Rising and Warhammer saw the fix to flipping a city to stage 2 brought about. I did get to play both for a short amount of time last night before my head hit the pillow, and the results were interesting.

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Where have I been?


Do a google-image search for MIA, not what you expect.


Lots and lots of gaming.

I also tried to make a post from my iPhone on Sunday using the WordPress app, but it sucks terribly in the picture uploading department, so I gave up on it. I was grilling some chicken for the wife and I after a weekend of light house-upkeep stuff (yard work, cleaning, etc…) and gaming. Had a great picture of the sun dipping behind the clouds on the horizon, and the piece was called “Lazy Sunday”. You really missed out on a quality paragraph thanks to that crappy application. But, lets move on to more pertinent information that you come here for.

With my recent slew of Champions posting, many of you may have gotten the mistaken impression that I’ve left WAR by the wayside. This would be very untrue. No, it’s not getting quite as much playtime as before, but I am still playing, and frequently. I love the PvP the game offers too much to leave it be. Yes, despite all the nay-sayers, doom-predictors, and general disdain that you find so readily throughout the forums, I really enjoy WAR.

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Tokens, and Scarabs, and Skeletons, oh my!

goggleswmAs I’m sure we’re all well aware, the Live Event is today in its fourth day after release, and the recent update of 1.2.1 has been out for about a week now, and this is going to be my post going over my impressions of the two systems as a whole. I’ve had time to experience and really digest what the changes from 1.2.1 have made to the game, and I have been all the way through this most recent of live events, so I think I can discuss it without qualm now.

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Night of the Annihilator

kahla-annihilatorThis will be a quick one as well, I’m having too much fun playing the game right now to be bothered with trivial things like commentary and chit-chat.

Night of Murder rocks, it really has brought the fight out in people. Live Events always bring the people out, and we all have fun, so why isn’t it like this all the time? Is the carrot of the rewards really so important to everyone else that it’s the only thing to entice them into a fight? Bleh.

Anyway, we did a lot of keep sieges and finished off around 5 people’s annihilator’s sets in our guild, including my own. Here’s a pic and a big hearty thanks to my guild, Enigma! I continue to be super-happy with the group of people I ended up with, especially their drama lite attitude.