Trion play


Try and…okay, bad ‘word joke’.

But really, why are people thrown off by these queues I’ve heard so much about. How did noone realize this was coming. If you’re a tripple A title using game shards, you have two choice – launch with a plethora of servers to avoid this, and then consolidate after, or launch with a more modest number and have queues – and the player frustration that comes with it. Until companies start finding a better server structure, or a way to handle that many players at once, this is the poison we have to deal with.

As an experience MMO player, you shouldn’t be surprised at this stage.

On a more upbeat note – congrats Trion on launching a game that apparently 100s of thousands of players want to get into. That’s what we call, “a good problem”.

Oh and one more thing

Aion 7hr wait

In case you can't read that, yes, it's a 7hr 30 min wait.

Aion launched this weekend, and I just wanted to point out that it has been having some problems apparently.

Point, point.




Time-occupying point.

But hey, at least one counter-point.

I hope all you players were able to get in timely and enjoy the game as much as you hoped for. Best of luck and may your servers never crash.

Nothing’s cooler…

jesusridingdinosaur…than Jesus riding a dinosaur.

And I mean that literally. Nothing is cooler, even Darkfall apparently. The game has launched and first reports and impressions are in, as are outsiders commentary (like myself). Who could  have predicted something like this? Oh, everyone. The sooth-seeing of a terri-bad launch were so prevalent, it’s hard not to stumble over one at every google of “Darkfall”. I don’t have the energy to copy/paste that many links, or try to struggle around the fire wall at work to get to some of them.

Is this Darkfall Schadenfreude? Most likely yes, but come on, nearly everyone saw this for the disaster for what it was. The situation has been like that with people who think an indie movie equals good cinema, which is complete bullshit. Sure, it works out that way sometimes, but most of the time you get complete fucking shit.