THIS is a dev-blog

Like woh.

I actually understood some of what he was talking about when he got into the semi-technical jargon of variables, stronly-typed, duck-typed, hash-tags, and arrays. Maybe that education is paying off after all?

Dear Sigmar

I’ll jump on the bandwagon, take a little from Column A, and a dash of style from Column B. Wish-lists are being made from bloggers all over the globe for what it is we so desire for the center of our hearts, Warhammer Online. May you get what you want as along as it doesn’t interfere with my rewards! So, without further a-do, my wish list, from the perspective of my Knight.

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When’s the last time?

bsod-shirtI was thinking back on the problems the game had from the get-go. The crazy bugs that plagued us all, and caused serious problems in terms of playability. If you’re reading this, you probably suffered through them like I did, sure in the belief that Mythic would quickly fix the problems that beset us. I was surprised when I looked back and realized I can’t even remember the last time some of those things happened to me. So for a quick venture, read through this list, and try to think back the last time it actually happened to you. Read more of this post