All about the dubya

Goblin silly.

That’s what my daughter would say. If she understood what was going on. Or even if she didn’t. She’s two and inevitably thinks everything is silly.

Having a goal in EVE is good. Some would even say necessary. Playing EVE without a plan is like investing in that property deal your wife’s second cousin told you about at that wedding that time. Possible, but probably not a good idea. Gevlon knows how to aim for a goal and work towards it, with machine-like efficiency and no regard for human needs of decompression and levity. Hell, there’s a lot I agree with the guy on, and truth be told, I think it would be amazing if something like this really happened. Not because I think it would be fun, or even good for the game, but because it would be amazing just to see.

Much as the Jita Burns escapade is interesting because it highlights the greatness of what you can do in a sandbox, universal space Empire of Null Sec is of the same ilk, only with more grandeur. It’s the aspiration of the Roman empire, in digital spaceship form. A Pax Goblina across all current null-sec space. But we all know what happened to Rome in the end.

Best of luck Gev, best of luck.

P.S. – It will never happen


Confession of a Spaceship Captain

I’m going to admit something to myself (and you by consequence): Historically, I have been incredibly bad at the game of EVE. That is to say, that I’ve always been almost completely broke, never having any amount of savings, and not having a good kill record. Point of fact, right now, I believe I have about 10 million isk in my bank account. There are reasons for all of this of course, and I like to call them lessons. In EVE, being bad is only a temporary set-back if you learn from it, and I’ve had a lot of lessons in being “bad”, and I think it all boils down to a problem of ambition.

When I first started playing EVE, it was with a mix of many different dreams. There was so much to do, that it all sounded like amazing fun, and I wanted to do all of it. I wanted to do everything. Be the lone-wolf space pirate scourging any care-bear I find. The massive carrier pilot flying with impunity, ready to destroy anyone foolish enough to challenge me. A deep space explorer, finding wormholes and ancient technology. I wanted to build a base and own a corner of the universe with friends to start an empire. Or to fly a fighter ship and enjoy thrilling dogfights in massive air battles for my nation. So much to do!

So of course, I immediately headed for low-sec space. I attacked some people, died a lot. All while watching my sec status quickly plummet to under -5. By the time I started to actually learn what the game was about, and how foolish my first decision had been, shit had gone south. As I joined corporations, I became vividly aware of the realities of sec-status in Empire space. The number of ships I lost to Concord gate-ships easily numbers in the dozens (mostly Caracals). I keenly recall being in Blue Federation, joining a fleet and expressing concern that my sec-status will get me wrecked as I traveled to the 0.9 security system they had designated. I was assured of my safety.

That did not end well.

Consequently, a lot of my time in EVE has been practice in frustration, albeit, good frustration. The time has contained the feeling that persists when trying to solve a problem you KNOW there is a solution to, if you could just work at it a bit longer. A knot or logic problem that you could solve if you just had a little more time… But I get distracted, and go off to pursue another avenue of fun, and the next time, I landed in Null-sec, with a group of players that are good people, but probably not the right fit for my play-schedule. It was a corporation in the Romanian Legion, and I actually learned a lot in my time there. Of jump bridges, jump clones, and star maps.

To stop this from winding further into an abbreviated history of my time in EVE, I’ll summarize the sentiment with this: I never approached EVE with a concrete plan. I bounced around like a suger-high three-year old in shiny object factory. This last month of play for me has been very directed and intentional (for lack of a better word). I’m still a bit broke, but it’s from purchasing investments as opposed to loses. My plans going forward are to place myself on what is a more traditional evolutionary play-track for the game, perhaps 29 million skill-points later than usual. Once I feel I have a solid handle and a happy cushion in my wallet, I’ll see about moving onto other endeavors.

This is one of the great things about EVE, no matter where you may be, you can still achieve in the game, because all your goals and markers are of your own making. Success is defined by the player.

Gaming Goal

Get off LoL and finish BioShock, InFamous, and Uncharted.

The crack is hard to kick man.

I guess I’m a finisher

Syp had an interesting post the other about “middlers” as he calls them. Non-commital slack-abouts as I see it. Now, I’ll admit, that I have a few MMOS I never reached level cap too. City of Heroes and Champions being notable instances. For one, I just couldn’t face the grind, the other, I despaired of anything to do once I reached it. When the reality of nothing to do after the rides are over in a theme park sets in, the visitor goes home. With sentences like that, I guess a part of me understands why people don’t reach the endgame. I doubt I’ll ever reach level cap in any PvE MMO again. For reasons I’ve discussed already.

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I’m almost “there”

It’s easily argued that MMOs are all about progression. The reason we play them is to become better in a game, through an investment of time. Whether its increaseing skills, ranks, levels, gear, or personal gaming ability, we’re looking to reach a point of competency (I would say excellence, but many are satisfied with just being adequate). I, and others, often find it good to set goals and benchmarks to shoot for. Being able to focus upon an objective helps to maintain clarity, consistency, and staves off any feeling of being overwhelmed in games that boast huge variety and options as a core paradigm.

In WAR, once you’ve reached level 40, most people start aiming for a minimum renown rank, to allow them to wear a base set of gear. Some shoot for invader, dark promise, conqueror, or even as low as annihilator for what it is they want. Of course, there are other things people strive for in terms of gear. Weapons, jewelry, cloaks, and the whole array of possible pocket items. Whatever it is, there’s often some set build of equipment they are looking to reach to be able to do what it is they want to do, and everything after that is just gravy and pure fun.

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2010, Welcome Back!

After the holiday break, welcome back everyone. I hope all had a merry time and spent it with family and loved ones. I also hope that you got to squeeze in some gaming time. I don’t know about others, but I’ve always found that the holiday’s offered less opportunity to spend on our collective hobby than the rest of the year. Still, even with all that was going on for me, I got in some gaming, and had an interesting time with the family.

My Christmas break was spent in the hospital for the most part (for obvious reasons), but I got to return home the day after Christmas with my wife +1. The weekend was spent in a blurry haze of naps and late nights, and lots of TV marathons. Monday I returned to work, and a slightly more normal routine. I got to romp about the world of WAR with my guild, which has been bursting at the seams of late with people. We’ve had a major revitalization of the guild, and I continue to be amazed by it, we have 8 people on at one time the other day, and there was even a warband being led in our vent. It was spooky, and a bit uncomfortable to tell the truth. I have no fear of Blitz ever becoming a zerg guild, or anything even close to it, but memories of vent channels with five people all speaking at the same time still bring about the frequent blepharospasm (thanks to my friend getting her doctorate in Pharmacy for that $10 word).

My Knight is coming along quite nicely, I hit RR57 just yesterday, I have my full set of Invader gear filled for the most part with the talismans I want. I also got my 2-handed weapon from Lost Vale, thanks to the continued assistance and urging of my guild leader to convince us to do the hated PvE task. None of us like doing it, so I appreciate it all the more. Lastly, the guild got 37 just the other day, so we have our fast mounts now. All these changes so close together and I really feel like a beast on my KotBS now. More than before, I feel like a strong entity on the field of battle, able to help swap the tide. I can only hope that the enemy is starting to recognize my Knight for more than just my guild tag or the allies at my side.

As for other gaming, my goals fell drastically short of what I wanted.

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Me too! Me too!

This is like filling out those questionnaire that fly all over social networking sites, but screw it. I’m sleep deprived and don’t really care. Blame Rivs (or whoever this person is if you want to follow the blame-chain). All you WoW bloggers look the same to me.

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Back Once More Into the Breach

With Thanksgiving over, and the return to my normal work and school schedule, I’m here to look at what it is I want to do with the last 30 some days left in the year of 2009 (as it relates to gaming that is). There are a few things that I really want to get done and finished as I make my way toward 2010, in both MMOs and in Single player games, console and PC. I got to play around with my current games enough this long weekend to really determine what to do with these remaining days.

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