Probably Spam – but funny

nintendo roommates
Via: Online Schools – from a random emailer that was probably spam, but I enjoyed it anyway.

That about sums it up

More glad than ever I didn’t check out the expansion.

Really, everything he explains about the expansion just verifies what I’ve read elsewhere.

Quote of the Day

It’s the idea that the developers behind any given game are an idiots. According to commenters, they’re all blind, non-gamer morons, bumbling around in the dark without the slightest sense of what game mechanics are actually fun.

Why are these bumbling morons in the industry? Why don’t they listen to the endless array of golden ideas that pop up on game forums? Don’t they realize that these revolutionary ideas will turn every game into double-rainbow-crapping unicorns?

-Seraphina Brennan, on Massively.

Two birds, one stone


Thanks Syncaine.


From the patch notes for Champions:

  • Minimines – Drastically nerfed. This should not shock anyone.

That’s just funny.

I made a deal…

The Dark One's Comments…with a dark entity when I started this blog.

In all seriousness, I don’t pay much attention to my stats, but every now and then, one of the numbers that splashes across my dashboard page catches my eye. Today was one of those moments.