Future Incorporation

This is going to be a super-cheesy, super cheap display of upcoming EVE stuff. These videos are incredible to me, and in particular, the Future Vision teaser will probably get any sci-fi nerd geeking out like there’s no tommorrow. I can say this with some considerable authority, as I reached full-on geek-wood.

So follow the jump, and be hyped.

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Time Warp

It was this or Rocky Horror.

The work day ended at a bit after 5pm for me yesterday, same as every other weekday. I drove home, and found my wife watching TV with a bottle in one hand and the baby in the other. Leaving her be, I took care of the dog, did dishes and prepared dinner. Thirty minutes later, dinner was done (salsa chicken is super easy to make), and the baby was asleep in her food comma. I walked into the bedroom, changed clothes, picked up my PS3 controller, and plopped on the bed. Next thing I know three hours had gone by, the sun had set, and it was time to feed the baby again. What the hell just happened? BF:BC2 happened, I honestly didn’t expect that to happen.

I don’t want to turn into Doug, but man, I really am having a good time playing the game, and I really enjoy the advancement system. It’s an interesting development that I completely missed the progression on in competitive online games. Your character gains levels as you play, or “ranks” in military parlance. These ranks increase some special abilities you can use or slot. Additionally, as you use each of the four different “classes” you gain points towards that, and it unlocks new kits. These kits include different guns, scopes, sites, attachments, gadgets, and a whole slew of other things. The upgrades give a very minor boost to ability, but they add up over time, and it’s not a huge hinderance if you don’t have them (still, I’m VERY close to the red-dot site on my assault kit and I can’t wait!). I just made private third class last night (rank 3), and I was still able to kill anyone, and ended one match with 29 kills, 19 deaths. My KvD ratio is getting closer to 1 every night!

Learning the layout and valley of every map will go a long way to improving my ability. The more I play each, it becomes home turf, and that’s a big step toward victory. The maps are big however, huge in some cases, and that’s where vehicles come into play. Tanks, buggies, humvees, and even Apache helicopters. You can drive or fly them all and have others man the guns. In a lot of cases, you’ll want these to cross the map and move from objective to objective, just so you don’t have to hoof it the whole way. I’m happy to say, that by the end of the night, my wife was no longer able to make smart-ass comments to me.

That in itself is a victory worth celebrating.