Over this weekend, and during a good chunk of today, I have been/will be (re)watching the SLEW of videos released by CCP from FanFest. Tons of panels, tons of questions and information. My legal pad is in front of me to take notes about anything that strikes my fancy on the re-watches as either informative, interesting, or just worthy of wasting time and print space.

Future Incorporation

This is going to be a super-cheesy, super cheap display of upcoming EVE stuff. These videos are incredible to me, and in particular, the Future Vision teaser will probably get any sci-fi nerd geeking out like there’s no tommorrow. I can say this with some considerable authority, as I reached full-on geek-wood.

So follow the jump, and be hyped.

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Fanfest ’11

I will write about this, and the results of CSM6, more when I get time to go over more of what went on. It was my plan to do that Sunday, but an ill child, and yard prevented me from taking a look. The little bit of what I’ve read has been interesting, and somewhat exciting.

I do want to leave you with this quote, from this post, which I found to be a great descriptor of the draw EVE has:

EVE’s greatest strength is its players, not because they pay the bills, or because they create the content of EVE but because unlike any other MMO each is relevant, individual, unique. EVE might be an MMO, and CCP may be over 600 strong but provided it celebrates the achievement of the individual it will draw others to it like moths to a flame.

Check out the blog if you’ve got any EVE interest, it can be a bit jargon-y and high-endish, but there’s some good bits for the layman scattered throughout.