Guess who’s back?

From outerspace (okay, Wisconsin – semantics!).

The vacation was good. There was much drinking of beer, much eating of brats, and the lighting of fireworks, with the occasional dabble of family visitation, and a picture of my 93-year-old grandmother surrounded by her 9 great-grandkids. And the whole thing got capstoned by some terrible mucous plague that infected me about 5 minutes before the plan left the tarmac – a nice parting gift from the lovely midwest. While I was away, I stayed mostly out of the loop of the goings-on of the digital and gaming world, but I still tried to check my twitter feed once a day to see if anything amazing, fun, and cool happened.

There were a few things, but nothing monumental. The same-old drama of the interwebz.

Drama and Resolution.

Someone’s new job got me a Tee-shirt (in return for a Haiku)!

EA keeps gobbling up different territories of gaming.

Warhammer had another round of Bloggerinvasion (not enough words for links!).

SoE’s FanFaire landed with some insight at upcoming games (finally), and a new graphics engine called Forge Light.

Relatedly: Planetside 2 looks pretty darn spiffy.

I’m sure there was tons more than that I missed in my drunken revelry, but that should be enough to keep any sane person busy for at least 15 minutes, more if you link-dive like I do.

BioWare & Friends

If you’re a reader of BioBreak, you’ve probably seen Syp’s latest update about some happenings between BioWare and its fansites. Obviously, as a blogger myself, and as a participating member of the new blog/media conundrum, I find it to be of interest how BioWare is handling this. From the revision that Syp provided after speaking with BioWare, it seems that the limitation won’t be so much in the form of interaction, but in official sponsoring. If you’re familiar with Warhammer, you’ll remember that every so often, Andy would do a blogger role-call, linking out people who wrote blogs primarily about WAR. It was a great honor to be chosen to be on those lists, and a great way for the game to show love to it’s blogging community (something Mythic always excelled at).  Those type of actions, or even participation in similar promotional events, will likely NOT be happening. No holocrons with symbols as part of a decipher puzzle will be included if you have adds on your blog.

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EA, Mythic, and layoffs

Another round of layoffs has landed at Electronic Arts. 1500 in number. Reports say 80 people at Mythic were part of the culling. My hearts go out to those who lost their jobs in this round, and my prayers for a quick recovery and rapid re-employment finds you.

He’s been quiet because…

markjacobsHe’s no longer with the company.

Theories anyone?

Fired for falling short of performance expectations with WAR?

Asked to resign because of his many verbal (some would say Bidden-ish) blunders?

Quit over being forced to push his product early?

Uncovering of a maligned secret identity?

In all sincerity, his presence has been noticeably gone, especially when the Hickman started giving the state of the game letters instead of Mr. Jacobs. To MJ, we wish you the best of luck, you were a person who was dedicated to this game, and I truly believe you wanted this to be the best it possibly could, and you did everything you thought best to make it so. May all your endeavors be fruitful, and your career be rewarding wherever it is you land.

Edit: Just wanted to give a quick update with some links to comments and links from other sites for anyone still interested. Rev. Dr.  J. Drescher gives his inside scoop. And a little bit of journalistic info-dishing can be found here at Massively. Lastly, and most important, the man himself is writing again.

Of Numbers and Subscriptions

make-moneyEA’s fourth quarter fiscal report.

Gamespot’s info on subscription numbers.

Thanks to Ariwyn’s post at WHA.

Much doom and gloom from some people, and partially justified. It says 300k dedicated subsribers. What does that mean? Players who have been subscribed for the entire time? For three months? Two? Is that just NA/Oceanic, or does it include the recent Russia-Taiwan markets? The more answers we get, the more questions we have it seems.