An even 25


It’s like a bakers two dozen!

But really, I’m not too sure how I feel about this. No, scratch that, I am sure. I’m not too keen on it. For a number if reasons.

First it breaks the entire mold of the class structure currently in place. Four archetypes, six of each, four of which are split between factions. This last will undoubtedly be another neutral career like the Warriors, Bards, Sorcerers, and Druids. But what role will it fill. I have little doubt it won’t be stupid OP as well ay whatever role it ends up filling.

I’m sure it will be a station cash purchased career as well. Which brings problems of its own. You have to ensure that the people who purchase it feel like they got their money’s worth, so the tight rope walk begins. Expensive enough to make it profitable, cheap enough to make it sellable, but not so expensive as to REQUIRE it be the avatar of a deity on a power scale.

The other thing if interest is the shift from expansion pack paid content, to smaller free content. So, it may be going the way of Eve Online – except sure to try gauge you for everything in RMT instead. I don’t know if that is an acceptable tradeoff. In fact, I KNOW its not. And don’t get me started on the upcoming cross-server dungeon group finder that is all the rage in today’s themepark.

There are a lot of other things coming out of E3 in regards to EQ2 as well, like the games ability to be viewed in 3D, and a progressive advancement to flying mounts. Some cool things, but not enough to alleviate concerns on the other above mentioned things.


Massively has an interview with Mark Downie of THQ about Warhammer 40k.

It’s not incredibly long, about a dozen questions, but we get a good chunk of information, and a good hunk of meat to chew on. The biggest of course, is his highly tentative release date mark of the 1st quarter of 2013. Yes, that’s right, this game is still three years out! That’s if it isn’t delayed at all. We all have a lot of time to happily put this in the back of our minds, and try to  not think about it too much, and play SW:TOR. I’m impressed at the amount of time going into the game, as in this same interview, Mark stated that they have already been working on it for a few years. I’m eager to see development cycles stretch into the 6+ year mark with MMOs if it means great games, and quality products.

Other than the release date, Mark talked a bit about their game engine, their relationship with Games Workshop, and how important it is to them to remain true to the 40k tabletop game, as it pertains to look, feel, and play. He says THQ isn’t breathing down their necks to finish it, and I hope this is true. The last thing the market needs is a game that gets published too early, and disappoints fans.

Dark Millenium

This will be quick:

Warhammer 40k trailer.

  • It actually showed a good amount of gameplay footage, so that made me very happy.
  • Only saw three distinct factions (Space Marine, Chaos, Greenskins), so that made me very sad.

The magical tripple-E

Nothing says "sex" to geeks like a game logo on a woman's ass.

E3 has arrived.

I remember a few scant years ago (okay 6 years ago), I had no idea what E3 was. That’s right, I was clueless as to its existence. I was coming off my college-years high of booze and women, so super-awesome video-game geekery wasn’t high on my list of things I was interested in. Once I settling into “real-life” I found myself looking into the video game industry and it’s communities more and more, including E3. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably aware of this event already, and if you’re not, go here. Just know, that E3 is a magical place, where wonderful things happen. Hot women entice nerds to their booths, fun drama occurs everywhere, and the newest toys get represented. Actual magic can happen there. Not your uncle’s trick of cutting your mom in half. No. Real magic. If I was to show up there, ever, I would expect Cthulu to be summoned.

Just sayin’.

In any matter, to get to the meat of what I’m talking about here: Warhammer is approaching close to two years old now, and Mythic made it clear they didn’t plan on having any presence themselves at the expo. I don’t think even the magical powers of E3 can conjour up a game company that doesn’t want to present itself to the masses.

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