Tales of Hate, entry 7

Today is May 27, I will be posting this on July 13, 2010.

I canceled my account with my Blackguard on it a week ago. I had been vacillating on this decision for a while. In large part it was because of the new city changes and me wanting to do them with my guild and a strong group to hit it for all it’s worth while the fresh coat of paint was still on and the shiny had yet to wear off. So, I bit the bullet, and let the subscription expire at the end of it’s month. It was a good idea. Now all I can think about of late is playing my blackguard.

It probably doesn’t help that we had a MAJOR drama explosion in the guild the other day, which is highly uncommon for us. Internally, we’re usually drama free. A few of us post on the various forums and poke at the enemy, or stir the pot a bit, but that’s all outside the guild. Well, without going into details, our guild leader dropped a  drama-bomb on us, and two of our older members had an argument and one deguilded temporarily. On the upside, I don’t think the guild leader really meant to cause all this, and he really just needs to vent and take a little time off, and the (for the moment) ex-guildie is most likely just making a point to punctuate his side of the argument. Needless to say, the whole thing has been a freaking drama-fiasco, and not one that I wanted to have to be involved in. I like the internal workings of the guilds I belong to as relaxed as possible. Can’t complain too much, as this is the first real big fiasco of my membership.

Getting back to the subject though, all this is making me think a brief stint on my Blackguard might be a good idea again. I just got my warlord scenario weapon on my Knight, and he’s very nearly has the full sovereign set waiting for him (80-some royal crests, only chest and the cloak needed), and I’m more than half way through RR74. There are very few tick marks on his list of things to accomplish. Tyrant gear is not in my interest other than a bored-out-of-my-mind-and-I-have-nothing-else-to-do-for-three-hours. So yeah, my Blackguard might be getting resurrected this weekend and I’ll be playing with some other guildies who have been frolicking in the land of destruction. We’ve got a fair number of players that left old accounts on our server to come play order with us, so we could actually field a fair contingent of level 40s on the opposite side. I’ll see how it goes, and report back when I have more concrete answers and experience on the whole thing.

The Routine

I’ve alluded to this a bit in other posts, but lately my gaming, as it pertains to WAR, has really fallen into a routine. There hasn’t been a lot of diversity or change to the way my gaming experience has been going. I’ll hop on vent, ask if anything is going on. Invariably, we have an SC group, either it will have room or there is room for my Knight in a short while as someone logs off, goes AFK, or whatever. I then proceed to queue for SCs for about two hours, maybe run in the lakes a bit looking for a fight in between, and then log off to go to bed. The fights overall have become somewhat bland, we don’t run into a lot of really good fights anymore. I do have a little super-secret side project that has been a nice shake in my routine. I’ve been working on it for a bit over a month, and you’ll start seeing posts about it on July 4th. That said, every rule has an exception, and I think Gorfang might be having a recent upset to our routine, in part thanks to (what else) a heap of drama.

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Contiuning the Gossip

The “Confession” can no longer be found. The most recent post from Feraro is now dated May 21, 2009.

“Lies? What lies? I never said there were 7 different bloggers for this site, that’s ludicrus. You’re lieing!”

Why am I getting such a kick out of this?

Oh and the real Sara’s resposne.

Drama, they have it

Drama (where I first heard).

Hol-eee Crap.

Confession? Bullshit!

I love the internet so god-damn much sometimes, it makes all four of my heart’s chambers beat at the same time, and cause mini-heart attacks. It’s that freakin’ awesome.

Drama, we have it

Comedy TragedyI’ve been on the fence whether to write about this particular in-guild/alliance situation that happened recently. I have a lot of personal opinions on the matter, and there’s a lot of stuff that people would rather I not put out in the world for anyone to read about. That said, I’ve never been one to pull back when I’ve had stuff to say, and the fact that I’ve been hesitant in this situation surprises me. With all of that said, I’m going to go ahead and put it all on the table, it will need to be a big table, so feel free to skip this sit down if you don’t want bleeding eyeballs.

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fireWell, everyone and their sister is talking about the fiasco between Aventurine and Eurogamer.net.

My opinion? Bad journalism, butt-hurt development company that their game seems to be hated by more people than love it. Plus, the internet obviously loves the flames of drama, and I’m happy to fuel it.

DarkFAIL vs. EuroLOSER.nerd