Arriving where you started

There are days in EVE where the best you can hope for, is to end up in the same place that you started, or at least, close to it. Yesterday was one such day for me. I began my day with a fully fit Drake, sporting some high named launchers and T2 fittings, with a good set of shield regen rigs. Missioning happily away for my NPC corp de jour, and padding my pocket-book a bit, in anticipation of making a little fiscal safety net before I venture forth into the realm of a Raven or a sporty little Hawk. Things were going well, until I decided to move systems to a moderately better quality agent a couple of systems away.

The move took a little time, as I was moving about 8 systems out, and had to make the trip twice. Once for my mission boat, and once for my salvaging boat. A 24 jump move, so not the end of the world, but definitely not a quick skip. Once settled I quickly polished off a same-system mission, and then grabbed a second. I ignorantly ignored the warning of “lo-sec” for the mission, seeing it was “only” 0.4 space, I’ve lived much of my life in lo-sec with little drawbacks, plus, I was going to be in the “safety” of mission space.

Rule #2 of EVE: mission space is not safe space.

I got lazy, soft, complacent. Whatever you want to call it, and ignored my local, in large part because it was fairly busy for a lo-sec system with 24 players there. No matter what the reasoning, within 3 minutes of my starting conflict with the mission rats, a red warped in to me. He probably had combat probes out scanning for targets whenever he saw a new name pop up in local. Remember how I said I had been lazy? Yeah, I wasn’t aligned to anything, and in the slow floating brick of a drake, I knew that meant death the second he showed up. Before I could align, and initiate warp to escape, I was scrambled, and in comes another little red skull-square onto my screen and overview. I knew it was officially over once the point was on me, and said as much as local. I still threw what I could at the guy, but in even less time than it took his partner to show up, two MORE came to partake in the fun.

4 v 1 is bad odds for the one.

I don’t know if there were just looking to PvP gank, or if they were potential pirates trying to make a buck. I don’t know, because the tank is so thick on my Drake that I had enough time to tell them not to bother asking for ransom, because I don’t have any implants worth paying for, and they acquiesced, podding me and putting me back into the clone bath after a tortoriously long sit-and-wait on my part.

In the end, between the insurance and the wad of cash I had saved up, I had about the 50 million needed to purchase a new clone, new drake, insure it,  and mostly refit it to where it was. I got everything except the rigs. I still have my skills, and the improved sec status from killing rats that will let me start doing missioning in more safe areas of space in the near future. The day wasn’t a complete wash, but man, it was definitely not productive in the end, and more than anything, I hate dieing, and in EVE that pretty much only happens when you play foolishly – making it just that much more bitter a pill to swallow.

An incessant droning

During my prolonged exposure to something that could have only been the Plague, I did relatively little gaming. Preferring instead the comfort of bed and, more importantly, the close proximity of the facilities. I did however, catch up on a lot of my Netflix instant queue. I finally polished off the final season of 24 that I lost during the great DVR transition of 2010, main-lining the last 10 episodes in a single day of half-lucidity. My wife, who was never a particular fan of the show, watched the final one from behind the glow of her iPhone, and expressed extreme incredulity at the ending. On top of that, I killed the last 8 episodes of Farscape, season 2, and the first five of season 3. Still, my addiction to gaming never let go of its grasp on my attention, and a part of my mind is constantly leaning in that direction. So, when I did get to gaming, I had to choose between my current three choices. League of Legends, EVE, and Rift, and that’s the order of attention I gave them, from most to least.

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