The highs are high

But the lows are low.

Some days, you’re darting between sites, killing enemy targets with impunity. Other days, you make 19 jumps to catch the tail end of the action, hearing about it the whole way, only to find the k-space entrance was rolled 3 minutes before you showed up, and the new one is literally 2 jumps from where you started.


My corporation in EVE got war-dec’d over the holiday break. For those unfamiliar, that means another player-run corporation (guild) decided they wanted to declare war on us and blow us up as much as possible. Essentially, it initiates PvP with us, and lets them kill us without fear of the games authorities intervening, or taking huge hits to their security status, and all it costs is some money. The name of the aggressing corporation is Concentrated Evil, and from what little I have seen, they are a merc group, and were either hired to take us out for some reason or just to grief us till all our members leave, or they think we’re soft targets they can pad their kill-numbers with. In EVE the reasons for declaring war can cross an entire chasm of reasons.

If they want to keep up the war, the will have to (if memory serves me) pay each week to keep the declaration active. They’ve gotten a few kills on some of our missioners, but we snagged a kill on their CEO yesterday, so we’ve bit back. They are eventually going to have to decide if paying to fight a group of players who fight back is economically profitable as well as goal-rewarding.

Part of this whole thing, means corp mates went ahead and purchased a Manticore for me to scout with and blow up any targets I may see, and there are others in the corporation who also are flying manticores, so we may just have a sneaky group of stealth-bombers launching torpedoes all willy-nilly at any red-flagged player we find roaming our home systems. I’m hoping for this to prove an interesting experience for me in my EVE play, and to get some valuable real-world PvP experience in how war-decs and corp-fighting goes.