Well said!

From John Smedley in an interview at TheMitanni.com:

At some point as an industry we need to realize that we have already lost the race to outpace players in making content. … The problem is you get to the endgame and as game makers it’s not just expensive. it’s impossible to stay ahead of the curve…We need to focus on game systems that are perpetual and give players a lot more control over what they can do rather than JUST putting yet another dragon in front of them with scripted content. We need to be doing both in order to be successful. And that’s our plan.

European Colleagues

In case you weren’t paying attention, this last weekend, Games Workshop held their Gamesday event in the UK. Those WAR fans out there should take special note of this, because Andy Belford flew over there to take part in the event and to reveal gobs of information to the fans, and our great Euro Bloggers were there to get all the information.

  • Start with WarAura, which has an amazing write-up conglomeration of a mass of info.
  • Then head to Bruglir’s Blog, who has a similar write-up, with his own twist.
  • Later on, head to Bootae’s Bloody Blog, who supposedly will have something up, eventually. Until then, check out his pretty pictures!
  • The Price of Wargh! already has some commentary and responses to the news. Find out why he is underwhelmed.
  • Werit, in his typical freakishly-early morning post schedule, talks briefly about the Skaven.
  • Skar gives Mythic props for their willingness to change things, but is dubious about the direction micro-transactions may take WAR.

It’s early still, and I expect a lot more to come from the WAR blog community as well as maybe a few chirps here and there from those who pay attention to MMOs in general. Oh, wait, you want MY commentary and thoughts on all these announced changes so far? Well, golly gee-wilikers, follow the jump, and you may just get it.

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From the bullpen

(left to right) Nate Levy, James Casey, Mike Wyatt, Steven Engle, James Nichols (thanks to GG for the photo)

As you are all aware, last week was GamesCom in Cologne, and there our much-loved Warhammer made some announcements and initial reviews. The weekend we just had Gamesday Baltimore, where more of the developers from Warhammer fielded questions from players and bloggers. There are incredibly mixed reactions all around from the community it seems, as expectations were higher on the meat of the delivered information (myself included). The variance I believe, comes in that, as players, we’re more used to hearing about an expansion being announced, and having some type of page to find all the details and information about it. That’s not as likely to happen with the upcoming “packs”. It reinforces in my mind, that these are being treated more like DLC items that supplement gameplay more than change gameplay. That’s not an entirely a bad thing, and some of the things that were said in various places really makes me pleased with the overall outlook the team has design wise.

So, with no further ado, I’m going to throw a bunch of links at you to read.

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GamesCom – Friday

My WAAAGH! face.

You can go chat with them right now. Hopefully you can get it to work, so far, all I can do is read the action.

Edit: Over already. Far too quick, and technical difficulties robbed us of precious time. Such is life.

That said, what we got from it is the following:

  • New armor sets above sovereign.
  • New RvR zone available even if you don’t buy the pack (will be incorporated into campaign)
  • Powergap is recognized and will be kept in mind going forward.
  • The method of making the lower RR easier will probably be through bonuses.
  • Removal of the VP system (thank GOD!)
  • RA system (Realm abilities from DAoC)
  • Concept art of underground tunnels

Beyond that, not much was said, pertaining to WAR. The internet is a fickle mistress, and is best treated gently. I’ll be continuing updates as more information comes out.

Edit: Woot! Pack will be here before Christmas.

Edit: Nobwaart has a great compilation of questions asked during the live chat, and a big thanks to Werit for pointing out this post at War-Welten.

For a bit of commentary, I really think that Skaven as a playable race is going to be possible. It won’t be done in the normal way, and I’m currently leaning towards something akin to monster play from LotRO. The underground tunnels will probably run parrallel to the Empire zones (at least) and be the warrens where the Skaven have made their home. I hope that they will be able to come out of those zones and wreck havoc on everyone around, maybe with cache’s of warpstone deposits in the lakes as incentive that can be used to power up some way. There are a lot of really interesting possibilities with Skaven as a third realm, and it can be implemented in a couple ways. Should be fun.

Edit: Final blurb of the day for me.

We have a video of Andy and Carrie talking about the upcoming RvR pack. Lots of good little tidbits in there, as well as Carrie being just a silly goose. Me thinks foreign countries, sleep, and the hustle and bustle has gone to the heads of our intrepid producer and community manager.

Also, as I’m sure you are all aware, this weekend is Gamesday Baltimore. You should be aware, because I told you about it. PAY ATTENTION! Good. More info will be coming out this weekend, and we have more bloggers doing more interviews of more people about more stuff. MORE. Anyway, everyone in Baltimore have fun. I’ll be soaking up double renown as much as I can, when I’m not tethered to my daughter and wife.


The magical tripple-E

Nothing says "sex" to geeks like a game logo on a woman's ass.

E3 has arrived.

I remember a few scant years ago (okay 6 years ago), I had no idea what E3 was. That’s right, I was clueless as to its existence. I was coming off my college-years high of booze and women, so super-awesome video-game geekery wasn’t high on my list of things I was interested in. Once I settling into “real-life” I found myself looking into the video game industry and it’s communities more and more, including E3. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably aware of this event already, and if you’re not, go here. Just know, that E3 is a magical place, where wonderful things happen. Hot women entice nerds to their booths, fun drama occurs everywhere, and the newest toys get represented. Actual magic can happen there. Not your uncle’s trick of cutting your mom in half. No. Real magic. If I was to show up there, ever, I would expect Cthulu to be summoned.

Just sayin’.

In any matter, to get to the meat of what I’m talking about here: Warhammer is approaching close to two years old now, and Mythic made it clear they didn’t plan on having any presence themselves at the expo. I don’t think even the magical powers of E3 can conjour up a game company that doesn’t want to present itself to the masses.

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Content, who has it?

I’m going to edge in on a Friday blog fight to artificially inflate my traffic.

The long and short of this whole ordeal, is that Tobold doesn’t seem to count anything as content unless developers put it there, crafted by hand. Syncaine and evizaer seem to disagree. Syncaine uses the argument that Tobold said he would (for the most part), while eivzaer systematicaly counters the base assumptions and premise to refute Tobold’s claims.

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Psychic Snakes – FROM SPACE

screenshot_2009-09-08-22-32-58Continuing in my super-heroic efforts of Champions Online, I’ve been sticking with my Power Armor character, and resisting the temptation to play my alts. Three demands my time, and if he doesn’t get it, I’ll probably have a chest beam go through my head. Or a laser sword leave me one-armed and unable to blog. I didn’t game too much these last 5 days, for a couple of reasons.

  1. Labor Day holiday.
  2. Booze (for said holiday).
  3. U.S. Open “My name is Rafael Nadal, I will switch my racket in the first set and commence with the ass-beating”
  4. Sweet, sweet sleep.
  5. Jury duty.

Yes, I’m a tennis fan. I love tennis, and watch every major that comes along. I’ve noticed that as I get older, I watch it more, not sure why. I was never a huge football/basketball/baseball fan, but I LOVE watching tennis. If you missed James Blake’s match that went 7 sets in this open, you missed one of the best knock-down, drag-out matches in U.S. Open history. It was amazing to watch.

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