Of Underdogs, Kings, Vultures, and Colossi

Believe it or not, this is a "King Vulture"

I don’t know if the plural of Colossus is actually Colossi, but Colossuses just sounded retarded, so I’m going for it.

The weekend was an intense one in the world of Warhammer on the Gorfang server. I knew there was a buzz in the air every time I played. It seemed as if zones were flipping for us more quickly, and Order was running over opposition every time they ran into them. Zergs of Order, surfing their way around the world, destro serving as nothing more than a speed-bumb on their march to the city (mixed metaphors are totally awesome when intentional). The new underdog is working decently, if the intent is to try to even out both sides access to the city, and let the underdogs feel like they can make a difference too. The boon to the losers is really noticeable at two points. Once two points are reached, Order on Gorfang really picks up its pace.

That said, I really wish that the cities weren’t being attacked with the frequency that they are. It seems to me like the system is still a bit broken or working in a manner different from what was originally proposed. I was under the impression that the underdog points were only supposed to be assigned when a city was actually captured, i.e. the invaders reach Stage 2. Currently, UG points are assigned on every invasion, which happens multiple times a day. In practice, this is working out well by giving both sides a great way to see the other’s city, but whenever Forts get reintroduced (or some other slow-down method), the system is probably going to have a far less impact. I eagerly look forward to that day. I also look forward to Warlord PQs in Inevitable City not being completely ridiculous and more comparable to the ones in Altdorf.

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