Some Shadow Warriors have all the luck

Snare Proc, woot!

And apparently, it’s my Shadow Warrior. I don’t play mine a lot anymore, mostly when solo, or when just farting around for a little bit of time. Or when my other characters are locked out of the city. He still needs to get RR70, and the rest of his set of Sovereign gear. So, when the city opened up Sunday morning, I took my SW in there all by my lonesome for some good, stance-dancing fun. After an instance full of split-arrows ward checking after being made a Champion, I was blessed with this insignia-trivializing weapon. I have no reason to do scenarios anymore outside of pure fun and renown gain. It’s my favorite part of the game, which makes me sad that I’ve lost a carrot, but happy at such a great piece (slight scoreboard brag after the jump).

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Rock that city

1.3.5 is coming today. In fact, servers come down not 16 minutes from the time that I am writing this. If you follow the second link to the herald post, you’ll see a nice splash page that goes over the broad ideas of what this patch is brining and some neat screen captures from the game as it relates. Follow the first link to the notes themselves for a far more in-depth explanation of all the changes coming, and this patch is a beast of an update, coming in at 10,124 words. Yeah, reading it all will take you some time, so I’ll try to hit the highlights.

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The City Siege, and how it Works

As you should be aware from the blitzkrieg of information coming to you, the working city changes have been released. They cover an absolutely massive chasm in a shift of the way that the end-game is going to work. A complete and utter over-haul. The transmission was ripped out, and the engine block was revamped. So, our old charger has been revamped into a beast of a muscle car. Sexy and big, ready to eat up whatever gets put before it.

Okay, maybe the car metaphor strayed a bit, but keep reading anyway.

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Read city changes here!

Of Underdogs, Kings, Vultures, and Colossi

Believe it or not, this is a "King Vulture"

I don’t know if the plural of Colossus is actually Colossi, but Colossuses just sounded retarded, so I’m going for it.

The weekend was an intense one in the world of Warhammer on the Gorfang server. I knew there was a buzz in the air every time I played. It seemed as if zones were flipping for us more quickly, and Order was running over opposition every time they ran into them. Zergs of Order, surfing their way around the world, destro serving as nothing more than a speed-bumb on their march to the city (mixed metaphors are totally awesome when intentional). The new underdog is working decently, if the intent is to try to even out both sides access to the city, and let the underdogs feel like they can make a difference too. The boon to the losers is really noticeable at two points. Once two points are reached, Order on Gorfang really picks up its pace.

That said, I really wish that the cities weren’t being attacked with the frequency that they are. It seems to me like the system is still a bit broken or working in a manner different from what was originally proposed. I was under the impression that the underdog points were only supposed to be assigned when a city was actually captured, i.e. the invaders reach Stage 2. Currently, UG points are assigned on every invasion, which happens multiple times a day. In practice, this is working out well by giving both sides a great way to see the other’s city, but whenever Forts get reintroduced (or some other slow-down method), the system is probably going to have a far less impact. I eagerly look forward to that day. I also look forward to Warlord PQs in Inevitable City not being completely ridiculous and more comparable to the ones in Altdorf.

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If you can’t tell a BW to burn in hell…

What do you tell them to do? Freeze in the void?

I got to thinking of this last night after Iron Rock once again flipped the city to stage 2, and we easily crushed the BWC with about 12 people, 4 of which were sub 40s. The place drops faster than a dress on prom night, and the biggest difficulty was in getting people into the actual city once we hit stage 2. It’s sad, because most people log off now when the city flips, because they are so god-awful bored of it. My guild there tends to not partake much unless they know we are going to get to stage 2 and can hit the palace to farm weapons. I keep going on my DoK because he still needs two invader pieces, and if I can get them from a gold bag, that means I can break down all my invader crests instead.

Still, the BWC is a fun instance, and it’s where Mythic needs to take notes on how to do all of their encounters. It requires a little for-thought, and awareness of surroundings. The boss has an interesting mechanic, and it’s not god-awful long or buggy. It’s what PvE SHOULD be in this game. More like the Lairs in LotD. Those things are fun, and so is this. Hopefully, one of up and coming orders of business are to make the instances in IC as fun and entertaining as those in Altdorf.

Equitable Differences

In competitive games, games where players are constantly vying against others for successful completion of a goal, most developers seek to attain an equilibrium in the power scales of whatever is in the player’s hand. Whether a cooperative platform where both players have equal strengths so that neither has the advantage and both can feel contributory, or in a fighting game, where powers and attacks need to be balanced in terms of speed, strength, or difficulty in handling. In MMOs this strive for balance is seen between classes in both PvE and PvP games. However, something unique to the PvP world is difficulty of objectives.

Obviously in a PvP MMO both sides have to fight the other player, so classes need to be balanced for direct conflict. Whether the balance is done for small skirmish, one on one, or large-scale needs to be decided ahead of time. If you’ve been around the MMO block long enough, you know what I’m aiming at here. WAR is obviously for large-scale, and to a lesser degree, small skirmish. One on one fights are not where Mythic decided to put the fulcrum of their see-saw they call balance. Given all that, PvP games such as WAR  have another area of balance that requires an equitable difference, PvE encounters.

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Short Sighted – Short Term, what’s the difference?

Well, Mythic released “short term solutions” for the city siege. They do qualify the statements and ideas with them being only “short-term” solutions, but I think they still fail to properly address the issues people are having. Obviously, I have no idea what the long-term plans are, but these solutions don’t seem to be fully thought out. I really do appreciate them trying to improve the encounter and increase the fun, but these changes don’t really seem like they are addressing the main issues people are having. I would have rather they took a little more time to address the main concerns and issues that people are talking about on the forums and in-game.

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Hitting the Wall

Hitting that wall is a bitch.

Hitting that wall is a bitch.

I’ve got a pair of different topics I want to talk about right now, one is about the current state of the game in Warhammer. Specifically, the campaign and the road in general to stage 2 of a city invasion. The other, is a juvenile desire I’m strongly trying to suppress. So, I’m going to go with the WAR topic in hopes of being a better person for it. Come back later for the scathing, petulant, adolescent mud-flinging.

The big topic of discussion for those playing in the Warhammer world right now seems to be city sieges and realm balance. In particular how people are doing with the sieges and in large part how the realm balance is affecting that. My home server of Gorfang is interesting in that we’re the only one with Altdorf still at 5 stars, while IC is down to two. However, the vast majority of servers have Destro as the clear dominant faction in the eternal struggle of WAR.

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Enter Stage 2

Tzeentch goes Egyptian
Tzeentch goes Egyptian

Last night was a first for me in WAR.

I got to participate in the second stage of a city invasion. For the first time since the merger of my home server of Ironfist to Gorfang, Order flipped a fort. Then, they flipped another. Holy shit, we’re in the city. It’s been a couple months since the merger, and while destro has flipped forts, no one has gained access to the city. Next thing you know, we locked the first stage and were working on the second. No more Adell and his one-shotting people, instead we got a series of different PQs all with big bosses.

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