Weekend at T’char’zanek’s

With the very prominent release of the city changes this weekend, and the reality of the frequency of pushes, my guild and I really got to run the new systems through the paces. Overall, I love the new system. It’s fun, entertaining, it goes by incredibly quick if the opposition is lopsided, and you can turn around to do another instance immediately after for fun and a bit of profit. A good time was had by all. It doesn’t change the nature of the game entirely, and people aren’t going to be clamoring to do the city for the thrill of it, but I don’t think it’s going to induce the mass exodus to alts or real life stuff that the old city used to. It’s the right amount of fun to keep players engaged, with the right amount of guaranteed rewards to keep the progression moving along.

There were a few surprises of things I may have missed during testing, last-minute changes that I didn’t stick in the memory banks. For instance, losing an instance no longer gives a lock-out. So, if you are stuck losing over and over again, you still have a chance later on to roll for loot in a win. So keep on trying! This proved to be highly profitable for my Shadow Warrior, who was lucky enough to win a ridiculously good sword from a purple bag in stage 2. Evidence of hawtness  can be seen immediately to the right. All that, and around 13k renown, and a handful of each crests for each instance I do, and I can’t complain even a little bit. The city is almost entirely bug free, to which I will claim sole-responsibility for as a core tester. I did it all, those developers just want you to think they do the hard work.

So a fun and rewarding weekend spent inside of The Inevitable City. Okay, ONCE in Altdorf, but if you play on Gorfang, you know that already. Destro wouldn’t give up their weekend morning city push for anything. I was actually surprised, since they can get the loot on defense, I figured they would have just slept in and let it happen, but organization is good to keep up, and I’m sure they want to keep at it just so they can stay on their toes.

I promised you a video last week, and I deliver. It’s not long, but it shows you a bit of stage 1, with the dragon and a surprise, followed by Stage 3, with me as a champion, enjoying my actions be a constant ward check. Wish that was the case all the time. The song is an oldie but a goodie, on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Presents Album, disc 1, it’s the Quiver mix of Led Zeppelin’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, enjoy!

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Information Conglomoration

Who's predictable now?

you’ve probably heard a lot of the news elsewhere by now. Everything from the chosen guilds for the closed city testing, to the WAR box no longer needing to be purchased, the new Gromril Plating changes, and bitching and moaning, and everything in between. The WAR blogs have been busy. Well, I’m here to dig out the official announcements, and put them all together, so you can ignore all of them.Other than my weak attempt at alliteration yesterday, I’ve been a bit inactive this week. If you read comments, you know it’s because I was ill on Tuesday and Wednesday. The post that went up on Tuesday was one I actually scheduled in advance, against the grain of my typical habitual posting habits, so +1 for me. That said, I picked probably the worst two days to “incognito” in the WAR-verse (WAR-o’sphere? WAR-circle? bah! whatever). So,

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