Pink is the new Black

You may remember a post of mine from not too long ago where I talked about a particular community rallying behind a member who contracted breast cancer. Well, it seems that Mythic has caught wind of this situation and has given all players an opportunity to show support as well. The word is spreading. Get your dyes while you can from the special vendor, it won’t last forever. Mythic displays it’s attention to it’s players, and a warmth and friendliness that is uncommon in the industry. Personal attention and responses like this are not common, and is one more list on the reasons why I love this game.

Edit: Apparently I’m an idiot, and still don’t know how to work WordPress. I totally wrote this yesterday, but apparently didn’t publish it. I fail.



Community is what keeps us here and playing. Long after we’ve got burnout of a game, have grown frustrated with bugs and glitches, or beyond the point of us having maxed out multiple characters in the game, community is what keeps us engaged and coming back for more. In MMOs community is one of the key defining characteristics of the genre. Even in PvP games, with all its bile and cantankerous attitude of angsty, sex-starved, teenage boys raging in the fury of physical impotence (the typical stereotype). This is a story about one such community, and it’s defiance of expectations.

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