So, I finally did it

I spec’d my Shadow Warrior to Scout.

I hate that I did. I really do, I’ve adamantly avoided the spec because I don’t like the feel of the game play. Admittedly, it’s slightly better with a 1 second cast time on Eagle Eye, so my mobility stays pretty high, but I really REALLY miss playing as a skirmish/assault mix. Being a short-range to melee play style, weaving in and out, is just so much fun. However, scout is just as (if not more) lethal AND I never die. I was checking out my RvR Stats Improved mod after a handful of scenarios, and the results were stupid. 85 kills, 32 deathblows, zero deaths. I went off and tried to take a scenario objective from a Choppa and a WE by myself, just so I didn’t forget what it meant to be a SW.

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What a difference a tweak makes

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been playing champions as much as I used to. If I’m not talking about it as much, it means I’m  not paying attention to it as much. However, last night, while waiting for my wife to get home from work, I sat down to Champions. The main detractor for me of late had been a two-pronged issue. Firstly, my performance took a nose dive on the patch that happened after the one on launch day. Secondly, my main has run out of quests to do. I had kept reading continually that quests were being added, especially for the 30s bracket, and I was in the mood to do some options fiddling. I’ll also admit, that the video I linked to yesterday had sparked some rekindled interest in my homage to Advent Rising in the form of a hero named Gideon.

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Respect the Schwartz

Well, the force actually. As in Champions Online force powers.

I know terrible title.

Anyway, watch this video. Followed all this from Gaming on Earth’s post. Which led me to the forum post, which had the video in a further comment. Internet mass-linkage ftw. It was interesting to me for a couple of reasons.

  1. I love Blue Man Group, instant internets for band usage in a YouTube video.
  2. I had recently made a Force/Munitions character named Gideon (I love you Advent Rising).
  3. The guy was absolutely DESTROYING things from a support role, ridiculous.

It really is very cool. I’m going to imbed the video after the jump if you don’t want to go hunting all this stuff down elsewhere.

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