First Blush

Surprisngly hard to find a good "Blush" image.

As you should know, yesterday was the introduction of patch 1.3.4 and the new scenario reward system. I got to play it for a few hours last night, and for my play-style, I was pleased. So, I’m going to regale you with my impressions and experiences of the evening. Your rapt attention is required, so lean in real close to your monitor, and get a good read. However, before I go any further, I want to make something very clear. The names of the currency, because everyone I speak to seems to have a hard time getting it straight.

The rewards in the scenario system are EMBLEMS and INSIGNIA. Emblems are what you get in each of the four tiers for the scenarios associated with them. Insignia are the currency you get in tier four for the higher renown rank weapons. Emblems are essentially the corollary to medallions, and insignia are that to crests from the armor currency system. The two systems share the base icon of differentiation between the tiers. Conqueror insignia have the same design as crests, as do invader, and so on. The emblems and medallions are identified by a roman numeral that indicate their tier.

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PTS 2010.02.18

As you are probably aware, last night was the PTS event to test out the new insignia system as well as the new 6v6 scenario, “The Ironclad”. Some of the more morning-loving bloggers out there have already talked about them to some extent (seriously Gaarawar do you sleep?). I was there for the entirety of testing the vast majority of the Q&A, staying up well past my typical bed time of 10:30 PM. This morning is rough, but I’ve got my big jug o’ coffee, my actual job work-load is somewhat light for a change (only one meeting to interupt this post), and I’m ready to talk about this some. So here goes.

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Stress Test

Like I said earlier, I video’d some of the test server from a week ago. Here’s a quick glimpse into performance.

Patch 1.3.4

The notes are up for the latest of patches coming our way in Warhammer. I missed out on the exclusive hotness of it all yesterday while I spent time with family that came in from out of town (my niece is 4 days older than my daughter, and they look eerily similar). All the buzz right now is over new RvR weapons that can be gained primarily in scenarios. Other bloggers have covered the news of this subject pretty extensively, and even given some great examples of the artwork we can find of the new RvR weapons. As great as the RvR weapons are, there is a lot more to the notes than just that particular system, as well as some corollary changes brought in with the system that have a far-reaching effect.

One of the biggest changes to the game with this patch is the removal of the vast bulk of the scenarios across all tiers, and the decoupling of racial pairings with victory points. To more fully explain, all scenarios that are played will count towards victory points in all campaign pairings. So, if you are playing in Battle for Praag and win, it will affect the victory point contribution to flipping Dragonwake, Kadrin Valley, or any other zone for your tier. In addition and concurrently with this, they have removed all but six scenarios that will be played at tier 4, with a reduction of available choices at the lower end. I take issue with this for a couple of reasons.

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The Hotness

I just actually read through the newsletter that WAR sent out for this coming month. The letter covers a variety of subjects from the patch, to the live event, and the oh-so-surprising Scurvy Dogs scenario (Werit Holmes, can I get a “Boo-ya-ka-sha!”?). And while these things are neat, nifty, and spiffy. I want to talk about one particular aspect of the newsletter that really stokes my fire. It was a particular mention in regards to Scurvy Dogs, the details, if you will.

“Be blasted into the air by sea mines in 6 vs. 6 close-quarters combat. Gyrocopters and Zeppelins fight to dominate the skies as you work with your team to control key areas on the Ironclad.

Become a dread pirate as you unlock the achievements within the Tome of Knowledge and see if you can earn the title “Dread Pirate”.  And if that doesn’t sate your appetite for booty, then 25% more medallions might put some wind in your sails!”

Notice the hot, hot bolded and underlined portions.

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WAR: 1.3.4 Preview

You can read it here.

The most tangible news in the mix is concerning the weapons. Not purchased via medallions/crests, but with a new system through scenarios. SQUEEEE!!! My favorite part of the game currently, and the thing I take part the most in. We have no real ideas what the system will be, or how it will behave, but it’s coming. So, while this post doesn’t contain a whole lot of information, it has some, and that’s good.

I’d love to see Mythic get back to communicating with the player base like they were in the Fall of 2008. There doesn’t need to be a lot of quality content in the updates, just a line here or there to say they are aware, they are working, and they care. The player base is the mob, and the mob is fickle. Placate them, entertain them, and they will be yours.

Shut up, I can use lines from Gladiator if I want to!

Also, this whole thread goes on for a ways, and Andy seemed to be fairly active in it. My favorite back and forth was this tidbit.

  • Shuguard: does this mean thunder valley is scrapped? hurray
  • Andy: Maayyyyybe