Musical Interlude


I am sitting in the buliding for the college of computing at our local university right now. In my lap (well hands now) my phone is streaming a drum and bass channel for me to listen to. I’m killing time because the suggested 45 minute lead time was a serve over estimate.

But while I’m sitting here, enjoying some REALLY good electronic music, I can’t help but remember some thoughts I had rattling in my skull as sleep dragged me into its playground of unconscious hallucinations. My last gaming of the night for me was spent in Wipeout HD. I remembered thinking of how strong an asset to the game the music is, and how unique that is in the industry.

Yes, there are some games where the score will forever be inscribed into the gamer collective consciousness (I’m you FFVII “fanfare”), but the large majority of games audio fades to, at best, a dim and whispy memory. Leaving no lasting impression on the player emotionally.

What will it take to have that change in games? Is it something that can even be applied across all genres of games? To take the thought through the capitalistic lense: is music in games at the state it currently is because, as consumers, we just don’t care/value/want it?

Bah, I still have 15 minutes until this thing starts.


My actual teeth.

I’m getting the last 3 of my wisdom teeth yanked out today! It means a short sedation, and mushy soft foods for the next three days or so. I will also, most probably, be not partaking in any blogging-ish activities. However, I may get the loratab in me and just go nuts on here, you never know. I was REALLY hoping that with the removal of my wisdom teeth, Sony would have updated their PS Store in time for me to get my freebies and play them, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Instead, I’ll be playing along on some other older games I need to finish from the comfort of bed. Or, if I can do it without the overly-protective wife finding out, I may just hop on to one of the many MMOs in SOE’s stable I can now play for free.

Have a good weekend!

Late to the Game – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

This is going to be the first in what may, but probably won’t, become a theme of reviewing older games that everyone other than myself has already played. You may have picked up on this fact from reading previous entries, but when it comes to console gaming, I very rarely play recent or new games. Buying them new is too expensive, and unless a game allegedly has a stellar multiplayer that I shouldn’t miss – I avoid it. Single player games experience is not going to change that much. This means that I often miss out on “hot” games that everyone needs to play, and to public ridicule when meeting other gamers. For instance – when I was in Virginia meeting with Mythic, I received incredulous responses from my fellow bloggers and developers when I admitted I had yet to finish Portal. As the title gives away, this post I’m going to talk about the first Uncharted, a game I finished a scant 12 hours previous. There will be spoilers.

If you don’t want to read further, here’s the synopsis:

Decent game: good story, splashy controls, crisp graphics, Tomb Raider meets Indian Jones.

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Gaming Goal

Get off LoL and finish BioShock, InFamous, and Uncharted.

The crack is hard to kick man.

Two ‘tings

1st: I’ve been playing the hell out of some Dead Space on my PS3. Somehow, I forgot I had purchased it long ago, and NEVER PLAYED IT. A travesty, I know. It’s damn good, and some scary shit at times. I actually flinched, and am talking at the game. “Get off me you freaky, mutant, space zombie!” I really enjoy stomping on dead mutants after killing them for the squish. In particular, I like the leveling and upgrade system. It’s done similar to my much-loved FFX grid system.

2nd: Going to give one more week to allow for entries, and will cut off entries at 5pm EST on Friday, July the 9th. Should be able to make a judgement sometime the following week unless I get inundated with more ideas, I have about half a dozen to read through right now.

Have a happy Independence Day weekend everyone, and a belated happy Canada day to all my friends to the north! Make sure to enjoy your +100% exp/renown over the weekend.

Time Warp

It was this or Rocky Horror.

The work day ended at a bit after 5pm for me yesterday, same as every other weekday. I drove home, and found my wife watching TV with a bottle in one hand and the baby in the other. Leaving her be, I took care of the dog, did dishes and prepared dinner. Thirty minutes later, dinner was done (salsa chicken is super easy to make), and the baby was asleep in her food comma. I walked into the bedroom, changed clothes, picked up my PS3 controller, and plopped on the bed. Next thing I know three hours had gone by, the sun had set, and it was time to feed the baby again. What the hell just happened? BF:BC2 happened, I honestly didn’t expect that to happen.

I don’t want to turn into Doug, but man, I really am having a good time playing the game, and I really enjoy the advancement system. It’s an interesting development that I completely missed the progression on in competitive online games. Your character gains levels as you play, or “ranks” in military parlance. These ranks increase some special abilities you can use or slot. Additionally, as you use each of the four different “classes” you gain points towards that, and it unlocks new kits. These kits include different guns, scopes, sites, attachments, gadgets, and a whole slew of other things. The upgrades give a very minor boost to ability, but they add up over time, and it’s not a huge hinderance if you don’t have them (still, I’m VERY close to the red-dot site on my assault kit and I can’t wait!). I just made private third class last night (rank 3), and I was still able to kill anyone, and ended one match with 29 kills, 19 deaths. My KvD ratio is getting closer to 1 every night!

Learning the layout and valley of every map will go a long way to improving my ability. The more I play each, it becomes home turf, and that’s a big step toward victory. The maps are big however, huge in some cases, and that’s where vehicles come into play. Tanks, buggies, humvees, and even Apache helicopters. You can drive or fly them all and have others man the guns. In a lot of cases, you’ll want these to cross the map and move from objective to objective, just so you don’t have to hoof it the whole way. I’m happy to say, that by the end of the night, my wife was no longer able to make smart-ass comments to me.

That in itself is a victory worth celebrating.

Should have focused on my Blackguard

I’m building up a lot of hate after this weekend.

Thursday and Friday I had to travel to survey a structure for work. It was an engineering lab. The plans we got from the school were terrible. Walls drawn with  one line, dimensions off, and the engineered portion of the work was unclear and poorly implemented. Then, throw in a dash of overly protective and inquisitive students, and my time there was not much better. To cap off the fun-times of the trip, I got a speeding ticket in a 200 yd speed trap. Yes, 200 yds the speed drop 10 MPH. Hawthorne, suck my nuts. The cop gave me the counties (elevated) ticket cost, PLUS another $100 because I have a shield on my licence plate that he says he couldn’t read my tag through. Suck a dick. The cap on top of this fun weekend was my daughter’s ear infection, and the 6 hours in the ER our pediatrician sent us to spend there, waiting to see a doctor to write a script for antibiotics. Who else is so glad they just passed that bill with an overwhelming bipartisan majority in the Senate that will infuse waiting rooms with even MORE people who treat the ER as a general practitioner?

*deep breath*

I’ll be okay, really.

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A day of war

Let me start off with this preamble: today, God of War III releases. I put my pre-order in for this title a week or two back. This is one of the few franchises that I am willing to pay full retail for and get at release. I downloaded the demo for my PS3 a couple weeks before that, and what I saw made me giggle with unfettered glee. The unabashed absurdity of the violence Kratos practices satiate me in a dark way that is probably best left unexplored. My playtime in WAR may falter somewhat in the next week or so, but worry not, I will be continuing the worship of violence elsewhere, maintain the spirit of the game if not the game itself. Death to all who oppose me!

Now, the subject du jour I want to talk about is the day-to-day aspect of my (and your) time in the MMO of your choice. I think it’s interesting to see how other players approach their gaming. Do you have any rituals or routines? Do you have set playtimes? Are there goals that you set yourself each day to strive for, or do you just go where your fancy takes you? What motivates you to play every day, and to remain committed to your MMO of choice? Do you play every day? Are you an MMO-monogmist?

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Yesterday sucked, but the weekend rocked

The title says it all. My weekend was pretty amazing. My mother in law watched my daughter for most of it, so it gave me a good amount of free-time. I spent the majority of it on my PS3 actually. I finished off CoD4:MW (the first Modern Warfare, a used copy of MW2 is impossible to find), and traded it out for Killzone 2. Sunday, my Knight got to run through the palace and kill Tchar’zanek again. I walked out with the sovereign shoulders, and a bad-ass claymore. 95.7 DPS to this beast and stats that make me weep with joy.

So, yesterday, I was eager to take my new sword of devastation out into the field and put it to good use. Sadly, I didn’t get to log on till 9 PM EST, and I found myself face to face with a stage 1 attack on Altdorf, with a whopping 13 minutes left.

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