A Request

Not from me.

No, the founder of Curse network, had some things to say about Aion. It’s not often you see open letters like this come from someone in a position like his. Curse as a site has grown tremendously since it’s humble beginnings with WoW.  It’s not long, so if you’re interested in the game, it’s definitely worth the read to see what he has to suggest to keep the game from being relegated to a “…300k subscriber game within 6 months, not the one-million+ subscriber game it should be.”

Oh and one more thing

Aion 7hr wait

In case you can't read that, yes, it's a 7hr 30 min wait.

Aion launched this weekend, and I just wanted to point out that it has been having some problems apparently.

Point, point.




Time-occupying point.

But hey, at least one counter-point.

I hope all you players were able to get in timely and enjoy the game as much as you hoped for. Best of luck and may your servers never crash.

Aion: An initial, and totally unimportant review

le suckAs promised, I am going to provide you some of my insight on the game Aion from the experience I’ve had in the beta testing. A couple people asked for a couple of things, so I’ll address those things here, and I’ll also post a video later this week of some game-play, character creation, and screenshots I took over the weekend when I get a chance to work on it some. So without further ado here you go.

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Quick Thought about Aion

Do not continue!Do not play a ranger!

For all that is holy and good in this world, stay the fuck away. Imagine a 75 year old, dirty hooker who’s missing 90% of her teeth. Then imagine she is wearing a sign saying she has every STD imaginable in the world, and that she charges 5 times what the other ladies of the night charge. Keep that vision firmly implanted in your minds when you look at the ranger class in Aion.

I’ll give more info later, but I thought you all should know.