Honest Question

For how many years have people out in the general populace been saying that EVE is a bad game to get into? Reasons being that everyone who plays it is already so far ahead and there is no way to be useful or catch up?

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2 Responses to Honest Question

  1. I’ve only been playing for almost three years, but in relevance to you question, I’ve learned this: pilots nearing the 100m sp club are likely either really great at a few things, or decently skilled at a whole bunch of things. If a new pilot has an idea of what he/she is interested in doing (i.e. stealth bomber, interceptor, logistics, force recon, etc.), they can train for that particular profession, and in about three months time or less they can be in the thick of things. Eve is unique like that. I imagine people are pretty intimidated by the learning curve, I know I was.

  2. Bas Hamer says:

    Tried it, got halfway trough the learning three and said f’ this.

    I realize many of the issues I saw were fixed, maybe all of them; but it is not at the top of my list to give an other try; especially considering the games I have never given a first try.

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