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11 Responses to Bwa-hahahaha

    • Shadow says:

      Now something clever needs to be said about Nordstrom giving away its products for free.

      • Clearly we will see an amazing Nordstrom in space, selling the best pets and clothing in any MMO ever. The fourth pillar will seal the deal. There will probably be live piano music.

        After all, Nordstrom doesn’t charge to enter their store… they are not like a mere Costco, which requires a subscription! A subscription! Anybody can wander in. It is their superior service and quality goods that keeps them afloat. And we know EA will be right on top of that!

  1. Helltrek says:

    I think its setting fire to a general comment. I don’t see it going F2P anytime soon. I COULD see something like WAR does with a “neverending trial” capped at a certain level and different avenues such as that. I take the comment as a LONG TERM step, something years down the line, nothing immediate.

  2. SlothBear says:

    If SW:ToR goes F2P before WAR does….well…no there’s no lower opinion of Bioware-Mythic I can have than the one I already do, nevermind.

  3. Mr. Meh says:

    While I find it amusing that once again EA doesn’t understand the MMO market, I also can objectively identify that the conversation is being blown out of context.

    There’s a big difference between “We’ve been discussing the possibilities of a Free To Play Model”


    “We are going Free to Play”

    Honestly, if you are working management at BioWare and you are looking at those kind of falloffs in subscriptions and you haven’t put every idea on the brainstorming white board, I would be overly surprised.

    I wonder how badly this guy’s day was when the press hit.

    • Shadow says:

      Oh, I’m sure almost EVERY MMO has at least floated the idea. If you don’t, you’re being irresponsible business people. The timing and the drastic drop-off in subs are what creates the hilarity.

      I still wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve moved further than just the “whiteboard-brainstorm” phase, and into the “viability measurement” phase.

      • Mr. Meh says:

        The way that I read his qoutes sounding more like a “Fuck it” type comment.

        When you say a subscription based MMO means that your games needs constant content updates, I agree.

        When you then say right after, therefore we are looking at a free to play model, that says to me. we don’t or can’t do constant content updates. so F2P is a big possiblity.

        Granted I agree, no content means what’s the point of a subscription. It’s just that statement is a little giving up. We don’t have the time or money to go into content, therefore we will just keep 4 designers on staff to make new pets to sell to twits. Enjoy.

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